Thursday, November 02, 2006

What have I been up to post-Korea?
I'll start a series of posts regaling my activities post-Korea. First up:

Como Zoo and Botanical Garden
The weekend after I got back from Korea, Sarah came to Minnesota and we visited Liz in "the Cities." On Friday night I had gotten them to agree to go to a Chris and Johnny (or Storyhill, as they're now known) concert. I thought it was really good, but I fear Liz thought it overly long. Sorry, Liz! The opening people were a group called Kid Dakota...normally I don't get much into the opening people, but I really liked them as well. We had wanted to go to a noraebang after the concert and coincidentally enough there was supposed to have been one right next door to the concert venue, but it did not appear to be there anymore, much to our displeasure. :( Oh well.

That Saturday we went to the Como Zoo and Botanical Garden. And had a picnic lunch in a park that was freezing cold. And Liz kept being harassed by a bee...until her ingenious invention. I feel like lots of funny things happened at the zoo and garden, but it was so long ago I've kinda forgotten. Good thing Liz blogged about it. I have included pictures, as I'm sure you're all so very interested in seeing them.

On Sunday we went to the Rennaisance Festival. It was cold and a bit drizzley, so the weather could have been nicer. It was a'ight. I bought a necklace and a ring. We saw our favorite act, the Dew Drop Jugglers. Funny as always. Plus, "Jason" spoke directly to Sarah during the act, so I think her day was made at that moment.

Sunday evening Sarah and I took our leave of Liz and accompanied my parents "up north" to our cabin. Which will be the contents of the next post.


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