Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Days 'Til Christmas!

This was another one of my favorite ornaments. It's a little girl made out of an acorn, or some other nut. I always thought of her as an angel, but she doesn't have any wings, so I guess it's just a little girl.

I'm super perversely excited for the snowstorm coming tonight/tomorrow early morning. It helps that I don't have to go anywhere. The weathermen keep saying that there may be thundersnow...aka thunder when it snows. I keep thinking I hear thunder, but then realize that it's my neighbor and his movie/video game/other annoying loud noise. Anyway, I've heard possible totals anywhere from 5-14 inches. Quite the range. 7-11 seems to be the general consensus. 7-11. Hehe.


At 12/18/2008 10:09 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I nervous since it's our concert day...and Liz is coming (or at least planning to). Liz...I'll call you tomorrow to hear what you're thinking. I'm guessing the roads will be bad.


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