Saturday, January 03, 2009

Down she goes!

I went out to eat with my parents tonight. I was really excited to go to this Thai/Vietnamese restaurant that has awesome Tom Yum soup. But upon arrival at said establishment, we discovered it had closed down. Sadness abounded in my heart. So we went to this other Vietnamese restaurant that was so not as good. And didn't have Tom Yum soup. Oh well.

It was freezing rain at the time. When we got home, I played around on our driveway by running and sliding down it (standing up). As I was walking back up it, I fell down. My parents responded as if I was an eighty-year-old decrepit person prone to breaking hips. It didn't hurt at all. My neighbor was also privileged to witness it. It was kind of embarrassing, but also pretty funny. I wish I had it on video.

Franken now leads by 225 votes. Now the courts have to rule on whether some other ballots should be counted, and Coleman is supposedly going to file a suit about something.


At 1/06/2009 10:14 AM, Blogger Candy said...

What's Tom Yum soup?

At 1/06/2009 10:17 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Only the BEST Thai soup EVER. It's a sweet and sour soup. With chicken or shrimp. And mushrooms. And cilantro.

At 1/06/2009 9:02 PM, Blogger Candy said...

That does sound good. Man, now I want to go have Thai food. I don't know of any places in our new neighborhood. I'll have to look into that. Some Thai places have funny names. There's this place in Pentagon City called Thai-phoon, and another place in Old Town Alexandria called Mai Thai. If I owned a Thai place, I'd want to call it Thai My Shoes.

At 1/06/2009 9:59 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Thai me to the Bedpost

Thai Pennington

All Thaied Up

Thairesias of Thebes (this could be a Thai/Greek restaurant)

At 1/06/2009 10:48 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down


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