Friday, January 09, 2009

(Not made of pineapple)

I just saw a commercial that was promoting both Sweet & Low and The Pink Panther 2. And had Regis Philbin in it. It was weird.

I get annoyed every time I see the preview for that movie starring Renee "Slits for Eyes, Stupid F*cking Lips" Zellweger. And it takes place in Minnesota. And the "Minnesotans" have hilarious "Minnesotan" accents. The exaggerated accents don't bother me (I have spoken with people who actually DO speak that way--"I'm Sue Johanson of Johanson's Greenhouse"), but the fact that Renee is in it DOES bother me. Because she's annoying. I just checked, and it's called New in Town. And Harry Connick Jr is in it, also. And it was filmed in Winnipeg. Enough of that. It sounds like I'm promoting the damn thing.

It's snowing. Check out this picture I took in December outside my apartment building--sucks to be this guy! The funny thing is, this was the second time this has happened to the same car. You'd think he'd learn not to park there the day of/after a giant snowfall. It doesn't take a genius to know that you'd probably get plowed in.

And here's how my Christmas lights looked covered in snow.


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