Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Alvin, land the balloon by the fountain."
"Like I said, in the tree."

Honestly, The Chipmunk Adventure is one of the best movies ever. It's hilarious. All kids should be required to watch it. All people should be required to watch it.

Yesterday, as a part of RochesterFest, they had a big hot air balloon race. But it wasn't a race, per se...actually just a bunch of balloons taking off at once and traveling whatever distance they felt like. They did it twice...once at about 7am and again at 7pm. I've always wanted to go and watch them all take off (they take off from John Adams Middle School which is a few blocks from my house), but I never had. Anyway, yesterday evening my mom and I went to watch. It was pretty cool. They were supposed to take off at 7, but due to weather (turbulent wind...but it didn't seem that windy) they didn't start taking off until 8 or so.

There was this giant Energizer Bunny balloon. It's the largest hot ait balloon in "the Americas." Supposedly each of it's ears alone was the size of a normal hot air balloon. Which I personally think is a load of crap because it didn't look that way. I mean, it was big, but not THAT big. They funny thing was, the giant Energizer Bunny balloon (officially called the Energizer Hot Hare Balloon) never made it off the ground. I guess it requires perfect conditions to set forth, which apparently we didn't have. So it just inflated and floated around for a few hours, never setting sail.

I took some pictures. I then put some of them on this blog. As you can see. Enjoy.


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