Saturday, May 05, 2007

So, I was sitting in my living room watching This Film Is Not Yet Rated (pretty interesting) when I swear I hear weird chimy music. Wtf? I pause the movie. Listen. It sounds like a music box is playing, but it's pretty loud. I almost think it's coming from inside my house, but as I'm the only one home I sure hope it's not. I think maybe the neighbor kids are doing something, so I go to the window and look out. I don't see anyone. Hmmm. Suddenly, the music gets louder and an ice cream truck comes slowly ambling down my street!! You seriously have no idea how happy that made me. It was actually more of an ice cream van than a truck. Instead of the stereotypical ice cream truck in my mind, it was more like a white conversion van with ice cream pictures all over it. And flashing lights on top. And a bunch of signs in the back that read, "Caution: this vehicle makes frequent stops."

Closest picture of aforementiond Ice Cream Van that I could find online

I was so excited. It made my month, at least. (This tells you of the boring life I lead) To top it all off, it stopped next door and the two little kids and their dad ran over to it and proceeded to purchase ice cream. The kids were so excited about it. It was a pretty crappy day for ice cream, though. Not very warm, completely overcast, and super windy.

I was discussing the Ice Cream Man with Joleen a while ago. She mentioned the Ice Cream Man coming to our old neighborhood when we were little. I don't really remember that. I think this is the first time I remember seeing the Ice Cream Man in a LONG time. Aside from once in California when I was visiting Joleen. I also thought it was interesting because the birthday card I recently bought Candy featured an ice cream truck. So yeah, the whole thing made me incredibly happy.

In Other News...

I'm really starting to like coffee. Even plain ol' coffee sans creamer/sugar/etc. I'm not too concerned about it because it's apparently maybe even good for you to drink a few cups a day. I convinced my mom to buy fair trade organic coffee, so that's good. I guess coffee crops are among the most sprayed with chemicals and pesticides and such. So organic's good. And fair trade is good because...well, it's fair trade. Fair trade always reminds me of Chris Martin and how he's always wearing a Fair Trade t-shirt or has it written on his arm or piano or something. I'm just worried about yellowing my teeth, however.

I've also convinced my mom to start buying "green" cleaning products (dishwashing stuff, counter spray, laudry detergent, etc). It's 7th Generation stuff. It's more expensive, but at least you can feel better about yourself. It makes me laugh that I've guilted my mom into buying it. "It's so much more expensive!" "Well, do whatever you feel is right." "Well, Ok..." Haha.

I just watched Taxi Driver. It was interesting. Jodie Foster was really cute in it. She was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress for it. I think she was 14. I was prompted to look up stuff about Jodie Foster, because I really don't know much about her and I think I like her. Apparently, she's very private. She has two kids and she's never said anything about who their dad is. She's a member of Mensa. John Hinkley Jr. shot Ronald Reagan because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster. Wow, if that doesn't scream, "I'm psychotic," I don't know what does. Perhaps attacking Dan Rather and yelling, "Kenneth, what's the Frequency?!?" :D

I got a hair cut. My hair (especially my bangs) were driving me mad. I basically told the lady to do whatever because I have no idea about hair. It's pretty short. And layered. I think I like it. I'm always stuck on the idea of having/wanting long hair, but I'm never that happy with my hair when it's long. I'm always happier with it when I get it cut shorter. I just love getting hair cuts. I wish I could get one every week. Aside from the cost. And the shear impracticality of it. Here's a picture of it. But it's hard to really see what it looks like in a picture...especially when I'm taking it myself.

I subbed for a science class at Mayo (high school) yesterday. I noticed that the teacher who had the classroom next to mine was my old 7th and 8th grade science teacher at JA. So I went in during lunch to say hi. I walked in and said, "Mrs. DeYoung? You were my science teacher back at JA!" She looked at me, smiled, and said, "Emily!" I was pretty impressed that she remembered my name. I mean, it was...12 or so years ago. But she was my teacher for 2 years, I guess. She didn't remember my last name, and I don't think she really remembered much else about me. But hey, I was duly impressed with her recollection of my name. I also saw my 8th grade geography teacher roaming the halls, but I didn't stop him to say hi because he didn't look especially welcoming. And I doubted he'd remember me. I was a very quiet middle schooler.

I was thinking about the word "pajamas" today. Isn't it a ridiculous word? It just sounds so stupid to me. Brits spell it "pyjamas." When it's spelled that way I want to pronounce it "Pie-jam-uz." Then I thought how some people pronounce it "Puh-jam-uz" (like myself) and others pronounce it "puh-jah-muz." Huh.

Hmm, I don't think I have anything else to say. I want it to storm tonight. The weather looks to be positively ripe for one. We'll see. I hate applying for jobs. It's such a hassle. Ugh. I probably won't end up getting one and I'll have to sub for another year or something. I would hate that. Maybe I'll have to move to Alabama or something where I could probably walk into a school and get a job in 5 minutes. Bah.


At 5/06/2007 7:06 AM, Blogger Candy said...

Hey, I just watched "This film is not yet rated" with Jake not too long ago. I want to be a private investigator like that lady who sat outside tracking down the MPAA raters. That was awesome.

I also want to be an ice cream truck driver. Honestly, when I was in preschool someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up and I said "sell ice cream". It's in a book somewhere...

I feel you on the applying for jobs stuff. I can't believe I'm going back into this voluntarily because I despise looking for jobs. I hate the whole application/interview process. I think I'm going to go the self-employment route just to avoid it. Do you think I can combine these ideas of selling ice cream and being a PI at the same time?

At 5/08/2007 12:28 AM, Anonymous Char said...

I don't know if this will work or not, cos all of this comments page is in Kolean.
I am surprised Korea doesn't have ice cream trucks. In NZ there is/was Mr Whippy, but seeing as I lived in the wop-wops, I only ever heard Mr Whippy's trilly music when visiting friends in town (and their parents never got excited about him). In my neighbourhood there is a new BBQ chicken truck, which sells chicken legs (yes, drumstick and thigh) for 1200won a piece. Yum. Tyson bought 10 of them the other day, ha ha.

Time to click the buttons below and see if it works. I like your new haircut! I need to get mine cut (suddenly so hot here!) but you know about bad experiences with K-hair-lopper-off-ers.

Miss youuuuu! Charlie.


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