Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lordy, Lordy
Long time, no post. Ugh.

Me, Sarah, and my dad went to the Big Ten Tournament in Chicago from March 8-11. It was really fun. It's too bad the Badgers got whupped vs Ohio St, but at least they made it to the final game. My head feels like it's going to explode, so I'm not going to go into more details. Here are a few pictures from inside the United Center:

Ok, what's up next...well, Candy had her Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party April 1-2. She cleaned up with the gifts at the shower. I'm tellin' ya, I need to get married just for the presents. :D Then we left for Wisconsin Dells where we stayed in a big ol' suite for the night. We went to a "comedy"/hypnosis show that night. It was bad. Really bad. Especially the comedian. He was HORRID. And it was slightly awkward because there wasn't a lot of people there and we were in the front. Yeah, we don't want to laugh because you suck. The hypnosis show was really raunchy. We were at the late night "adult" show. At one point a guy was performing oral sex on a giant stuffed eagle. And he was really going at it, for like 10 minutes. Much more stuff went on as well, but it was the lamest hypnosis show I've ever seen. Including a halftime hypnosis show at the Big Ten Tourney. Then we went back to the hotel and Candy guessed who bought her which underwear (the ones I bought her were AWESOME). You better have worn them already, Candy! We also had a competition of making wedding dresses out of toilet paper. I was the model for one team (sorry you got stuck with me, guys) and Brighton was the model for the other team. My dress was awesome. I only have this one picture where you can't really see the skirt part of my dress...which was totally awesome. It even had a bustle on it. Is that the right word? Bustle? Yeah. Anyway, if anyone has a picture which shows the awesome skirt, email it to me or something. Because I need to show it to the lady who will make my future wedding dress. In 90 years. I look a little thick in my dress...I'm gonna say it's because there's about 100 layers of toilet paper around my waist. And you will all believe me.

Then there was Easter. That Saturday Brian, Shannon, Riley, and Nora came to visit us. We all went to visit my grandma in her assisted living facility. My grandma's alzheimer's has gotten really bad and her doctor told my grandpa that she may only have about 6 more months to live. After that we went back home and Riley searched for (plastic) Easter eggs. Then they left.

So I'm going to go visit Liz in St. Paul this weekend. Yay! Visitations with Liz! She informed me that it will not, in fact, be a conjugal visit. Bummer. :D


At 4/14/2007 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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