Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's official: my house lies on the Ice Cream Man route. Awesome. The neighbor kids purchased some frozen tasty treats yet again this afternoon. And it's actually the Ice Cream Woman, not man. One of these days I need to run out and buy myself an ice cream cone. Or popsicle. Or something of similar ilk.

There's a gorgeous sunset out our window right now.

I can't get over how much I hate Dancing With the Stars. I saw a small bit of it last night and my hatred for it continued to burn strong. In fact, it may have added fuel to the flames of hatred. Then I saw a commercial for the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. And I was happy again. Because that show is about 8 billion times better. Even though I hate Cat Deeley. What a dumb-ass name.

So guess who Sunny "met" last week? Ryan Seacrest!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! He ate at The French Laundry and went back to the kitchen to "give his compliments to the chefs," or whatever. I guess he eats there occasionally and the wait staff there says he's kind of a dick. Anyway, I thought that that was hilarious.

Seacrest Out.


At 6/01/2007 2:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Emiry.. were the Pizza Palace owners Koreans???!!


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