Saturday, May 19, 2007

Garage Sale
Who Wants Our Old Junk??

We're having a garage sal
e today. I've been sitting out in my garage for about 2 hours now. I think I'm winning the money race (against my mom and her friend). We have so much shit, it's not even funny. The stuff we want to go isn't big furniture stuff. Maybe we'll have to do a big price slash later on. Although we already have stuff priced cheap. Whatev. It's a little gloomy today, but it's supposed to get to about 80...although possible thunderstorms later on. Let's hope it's after the sale!

It's definitely garage sale season. Yesterday I saw a crap-load of garage sale signs while driving around and passed by a bunch of them. Garage sales are so funny. I always feel awkward going to I need to buy something or else I'm offending them by not liking their stupid crap.

This lady is having the harde
st time in the world parking her car. Which is weird since it's a straight shot along the parallel parking, nothing to navigate around...nothing. Yet she's backed up, gone forward, backed up again like 5 times. And still keeps running over the curb. Moron.

Ed Fisher, the dude who does the daily cartoon for our newspa
per just walked in. Wow! Local celebrity! I should ask for his autograph. Right.

Old Man: Do you have any
fishing tackle?
Us: No
Old Man: How about any gu
ns or ammunition?
Us: Nope, sorry.

Old Man buys an American Flag pinwheel. I notice he's weari
ng an NRA hat.

It's really slowing down. It'
s really getting hot. I think it's about 83 degrees right now. I'm hungry.

Ok, rewind to
8:30 or so--my mom is selling these 2 Amish hat
s...a guy hat and a girl hat. As a joke, my mom and her friend each put one on for about 20 minutes or so. Luckily, they took them off because [fast forward to 1:45]:

In walk an Amish couple with a baby. I shit you not. Full Amish get-up and all. Complete with the hats. Man, would that have been bad. How embarassing. So anyway, we were all glad that they had taken off the Amish hats as it would have been horrible to offend the poor Amish folk. I don't know how they got here since there was no horse and buggy. Maybe they walked. They bought some books, sheets, and a flashlight/lantern thing. So I guess battery operated things are acceptable.

We just finished boxing up the crap left over that no one bought when…we hear the Ice Cream Man!!! Perfect timing! She was being mobbed by a group of children down the street. We hailed it down outside our house (‘hailed’ meaning me walked slowly to the street as it approached at the breakneck speed of 2 mph). I got a “Chips Galore”, which was a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. It was pretty good. As we were standing there children started emerging from out of nowhere to get ice cream. Seriously, they must have come from a few blocks away…that ice cream van music is loud! It’s like a magnet for children. I thought it was hilarious.

[Aside for Charlie - I saw the movie 28 Weeks Later the other takes place in London. Anyway, there was a scene with a bunch of overturned vehicles, and one was a truck that said "Mr. Whippy" on it! I thought to myself, "Hey! It's what Charlie was talking about!" It was only on the screen for a split second, but long enough for me to spot it!]

Money is counted and individual totals are summed. Guess who came out the money victor?? I did! Go me!!! I made exactly $166.00. Not too shabby.


At 5/20/2007 1:48 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Good post!

At 5/20/2007 11:43 PM, Anonymous Char said...

I didn't realize Mr Whippy was originally from the UK, but I just googles Mr Whippy NZ, and it's true! Apparently one of the oldest franchises in NZ, since 1964. There are a lot of Mr Whippy stores now, it seems rather than ice cream trucks. And I think he is more a soft serve seller, rather than a rolled ice cream seller.

I got my fringe cut (too short!) as well as my hair, and also straightened. No one really noticed anything except the fringe. You are probbaly thinking I didn't need to get my hair straightened, but let me tell you, it doesn't go crinkly funny in the heat anymore..

P.S. I have to move house! In JULY!! To Songtan!!!

At 5/22/2007 7:03 AM, Blogger Candy said...

I'm jealous that the Amish came to your garage sale. That's awesome.

Once Lelani and I operated a garage sale at my parents' house. We wore graduation gowns and bike helmets. Lelani took home an old tee-ball shirt that used to belong to my brother.

Man, garage sales are hard work. But now I want to do it all over again. Ah, memories.

At 6/03/2007 9:52 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

People who run over curbs aren't morons. I do it once a week.

At 8/10/2007 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anders said...

Mr Whippy = Kiwi icon...

Funny visual joke too, Mr Whippy taking a dump, u have to be there I guess...

At 8/10/2007 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anders said...

elizabeth - did u do driver's ed with Meadow Soprano?


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