Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Make new friends but keep the old;
One is silver and the other's gold.

So, I spent this past weekend in the Twin Cities. On Friday evening I had some drinks and Thai food with my middle school and high school best friend, Emily. Somehow we never saw much of each other in college even though we both went to UW-Madison (and lived in the same dorm our sophomore year and lived on the same block our junior/senior year). The last time I had seen her was in May of 2005 randomly in a bar in Madison for like 5 minutes. Well, she's getting married in September, and seeing as she lives only an hour or so away, we decided it was about time we got together again. I feel really bad that we lost touch with each other for so long...I've never even really met her fiance (except for randomly in a bar in Madison for 5 minutes). Anyway, it was really nice and imo, we got along just as famously as before. Let's hope the feeling's mutual! :D After we had dinner we met up with Liz, Laura, and Michael at an ice cream place. Good times were had by all.

From there, I went over and crashed at Liz's place until Sunday afternoon. We hung around. Went out to eat. Watched some Seinfeld. Went to see The Simpson's movie. There was a big ol' storm on Friday night. Super strong winds and unending lightning. The sky was constantly lit up. It was cool. I saw some freaky streaks that looked relatively close and had to have hit the ground...or a tree, or something. I slept on Liz's futon in her living room and she has big ol' windows right in front. So I had an excellent view of the storm from my bed.

The next day as we drove to eat, we saw lots of damage along her street in the form of downed trees due to the excessively strong winds. I have stolen some pics from Liz to put on my blog of trees that fell at the building she works at (a couple blocks down from her apartment building). Crazy stuff.

Here's a picture of her cat, Daniel. We're buddies. I think he's the only cat I can pet/hug that doesn't give me an allergic reaction. Rock on, Danny-boy!

Last night I couldn't enjoy the Perseids as the sky was completely cloud covered. We had big storms throughout the night. It was much worse in the Cities, but it was pretty strong at parts in Rochester as well. For a while it wasn't raining in Rochester but there was a great lightning show in the distance (towards the Cities). I had taken the screen off my window the previous night in case I wanted to go out on the roof to view the Perseids (what a joke). So I layed half on my bed and half out the window and watched the oncoming storm for a while. It was pretty nice. At least I had something cool to watch if I was going to be denied the meteor shower. But then it started raining and hailing. So I went fully inside.


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