Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Menu
Provided especially for Brighton's perusal

So, I have received a copy (2, actually) of the menu I had at TFL. Please note that we were served everything on this menu. Well, both Sunny and Joleen had slight variations on some of them (different flavored sorbets, soups, etc) but all in all they were about the same. For the record, the date on the menu is wrong. They typed June 08 when it should be July 08. I guess cooking skills don't translate into typing skills. Plus, Sunny even got one of them signed for me by Thomas Keller. Ooh! In case you can't read his writing, it says, "It's all about Finesse." Ok. So without further ado, here is the menu:


At 8/09/2007 10:26 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

They like to put things in quotes, don't they?

At 8/10/2007 10:38 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Where's the "Spaghetti with Pickles?" Nice comment, Lizzo.

By the way, I couldn't agree more with Mr. Keller.

At 8/10/2007 10:44 AM, Blogger Emily said...

yeah, i noticed their love-affair with quotes, as well.

and the "spaghetti with pickles" is the 'capellini' about midway down the menu. i think 'french cornichons' are the pickles...

apparently saying 'spaghetti' and 'pickles' is too low-brow for TFL...

and the last item on the menu is the chocolate lava cake.

i don't know why they didn't just call it spaghetti with pickles and chocolate lava cake. i mean, they made them just for us and that's what they called them when they brought them to us. no one else has this menu, only us...whatever. but they do keep a record of all their menus, so maybe they want all their menus to be hoity-toity. :)

At 8/11/2007 6:25 AM, Blogger Candy said...

At what point did you start feeling ill?

How big were the portions on each of these?

Jake and I once ate this traditional Indian meal with like 22 courses or something when we were in the Netherlands. It all came out at once, though, in tiny little dishes.

At 8/11/2007 11:06 PM, Anonymous Charlie said...

If they are so hoity-toity, why are they calling it a "tasting menu" and not a "degustation"?


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