Friday, October 24, 2008

I hate doing laundry.

Obama was originally planning on coming to Madison this past Thursday for a rally or whatever. But he had to cancel to fly to Hawaii to be with his ailing grandma. :( Then again, although I never found out what time he was supposed to be here, I probably wouldn't have been able to go because of work and class. Yeah. That's it.

I clicked on this link on Yahoo! to see a slideshow of "Stars Supporting Their Candidates." 38 pictures. The first 30 were all Obama supporters. The next 6 were old Hillary + celebrity photos. The next one was John Edwards and Mellencamp. The last one was Chuck Norris and his wife supporting Huckabee. Chuck Norris was dressed exactly like Paul Bunyan, fyi. Chuck the Lumberjack. I give Palin and McCain permission to use that one. Anyway, I thought it was funny (but not at all surprising) that 99% of the pictures were celebrities supporting democrats. And not a single one for McCain. Although I did just finish reading a story about Elisabeth Hasselbeck wearing a "great AmeriCAIN" t-shirt on The View. Hasselbeck. Man, she's annoying.

Brokaw was on The Daily Show. I'm in love with Jon Stewart with a fiery passion. Brokaw was pretty funny, too.

I need to go get my laundry now.


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