Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Round 3

1. I don't give a shit about Joe the Plumber. Quit bringing him up, or soon I'll actively hate him.

2. Seriously, how can McCain say with a straight face that Obama's campaign is more negative than his own?

3. McCain, you should THANK Obama for not agreeing to do a billion town hall debates. Because you SUCK at them.

4. Apparently, the McCain campaign is pulling out of Wisconsin. Which all but admits defeat here. ::cheers::

5. ACORN. As far as I've seen, it's not even that bad of a scandal. Ok, so they're paying people to go out and register voters, and because of this these people are filling in the forms themselves and making stuff up (to get more money). However, ACORN identifies which of these are probably false and tags them as "suspicious." They send all the registration forms in, even the obviously false ones that say Mickey Mouse, because it's the law. However, they probaly won't ever getting registered because the info wouldn't check out. But let's say some DO get through. Still not a big issue, because registering is not the same as voting. Even if some go through, an actual person would still have to show up at the polling place with ID saying that they are that fake person. Seriously. Not going to happen.

6. Yes, McCain. Tell me how Palin can POSSIBLY be a better choice for president than Biden... Role model for women??? Please. I'm ashamed she's a woman. Oh, sure. Bringing up special needs. By the way, before she had her own special needs child she was actually "against" special needs "issues." So she's been a champion of special needs for what? A year? Ha. McCain's argument against Biden is that he hasn't been PERFECT in his decisions regarding foreign policy issues (his specialty). Wow, how damning. He's not perfect.

7. Hey-Presidential debates don't have commercials. Awesome. That'd be funny if they did and they were all campaign ads. Except it'd actually suck.

8. He brought up Joe the fuckin' Plumber again. I liked Obama's response to McCain bringing him up-"Joe, if you're even out there..." Hehe.

9. McCain keeps bringing up "sharing the wealth" in a negative way. I like the concept of sharing the wealth. To an extent, of course. Like to Obama's extent, let's say.

10. McCain says he doesn't believe in litmus tests. You might say you don't believe in them, but give me a break. You wouldn't appoint someone to the Supreme Court if you didn't share their beliefs. Which is, for all intents and purposes, a litmus test. Just a less obvious one. Kind of. Although Obama also says he doesn't believe in litmus tests, at least he's man enough to say he'd take their various views into account (among other things).

11. McCain: "We have to change the culture of America, to one of compassion." Fuck you, McCain. To conservatives, the word compassion directly equals pro-life. And that's it. Where's their compassion when it comes to poor people? Or homosexuals? Or any number of people, for that matter.

12. Recruit new teachers = As I'm running away.

13. Civil Rights issue of the 21st century? Dude, we're only 8 years in. Something much more huge will probably occur sometime in the next 92 years than not having school choice programs. Teach For America = I pity ANYONE in Teach For America. OMG. McCain pretty much just said that teacher certification isn't needed or a good thing. He has no idea wtf he's talking about. I wish I was recordin, because I HAD to have misheard that. Or else McCain can suck it hardcore for implying (pretty much) that teaching is easy and doesn't need the same training as other jobs.

14. Vouchers. Ugh. I hate how that word sounds. And it's educational meaning.

15. McCain just snorted while laughing at his own "joke." What a tool.


At 10/17/2008 12:32 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

This Joe The Plumber thing is ridiculous. The things that are latched onto by the whole country really are getting weirder and weirder. Next week we'll all be talking about the mahogany ceiling fan from HOM furniture.

At 10/17/2008 12:42 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Did you know that under Obama's plan*, mahogany ceiling fans from HOM furniture will be torn apart and used as an alternative energy source? True story.

Rallying slogan: No home for HOM.

*Or maybe it's McCain's plan...I can't tell. They both apparently are in favor of alternative energy sources.


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