Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Adult Only Peanut Butter Lovers Fan Club Reunion

I was looking at some archival files at the Wisconsin Historical Society today. They were Silver Anvil Award files. The Silver Anvil Award, symbolizing the forging of public opinion, is awarded annually by the Public Relations Society of America to organizations which have successfully addressed a contemporary issue with exemplary professional skill, creativity and resourcefulness. Basically, a PR award. Anyway, I was looking through the 1989 awards (may have been 1988) and came across the "Adult Only Peanut Butter Lovers Fan Club Reunion" file. Huh?? It sounds so dirty. Adult only? What exactly is being done with this peanut butter? Turns out nothing weird. They just had a convention (hosted by Soupy Sales) exalting the virtues and taste of peanut butter. And they won an award. There were photos of the event, and they were all wearing buttons that said, "Adult Peanut Butter Lover." But how they designed the button, from afar it looked like it just said, "Adult Lover." The whole thing was just weird and humorous.


At 12/09/2008 5:33 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

it reminds me of last night's chelsea lately. they had a discussion about peanut butter and nether regions. it was mildly amusing, i guess.


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