Saturday, January 10, 2009


I mean, really...what a cruel name for a child to have to learn to write. I think I had just turned 7 in this picture, in case you were wondering.

I'm guessing Reese Witherspoon is going to be making a new romantic comedy soon. I just took an online survey asking about my preferences for which male lead I'd like to see in a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon. The options:

1. James Marsden
2. Paul Rudd
3. Seth Rogen
4. Jason Bateman
5. Jason Segal

My order: Paul Rudd (love him), Jason Bateman (also love him), Jason Segal (ambivalent), James Marsden (something about him bothers me), then Seth Rogen (in a romantic comedy with Reese Witherspoon? No thanks). What do you guys think? Liz, whenever I think of romantic comedies I think about how much you hate them. :D

Hey, you can get Tim Tams at Target now. And they're actually called Tim Tams, as opposed to the ones at World Market where it doesn't say Tim Tams anywhere on the package. Apparently, they're associated with Pepperidge Farms. And at Target I got them for 2/$5.00. They're $4/package at World Market. Is there a Super Target in Madison? Or just a normal Target?

You know what show pisses me off and I've never even seen it (I don't even think it's premiered yet, actually)? That show with Howie Mandel where he does pranks or something. What I hate the most about it is that it's called Howie Do It. Someone. Kill. Me. Now.


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