Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things That Scare the Bejeezus Out of Me (in no particular order):

1. Guns
So, I don't live in fear of guns or anything. I guess I should say handling guns. When I actually hold one in my hands and load it and stuff, it freaks me out (granted, I've only done this once, but it was scary). It might be specifically handguns, as I actually have shot a rifle before and I don't recall being scared about it. It might be that rifles are generally used for hunting animals...handguns are generally meant for shooting people.

2. Motorcycles
Never rode one and I don't think I'd ever want to. And if I did, I'd definitely wear a helmet. I hate driving behind/next/near them. I always visualize them suddenly and inexplicably losing control, crashing, then having me run over them. Not pretty. I think lots of motorcyclists do irresponsible things. In CA it's ok for motorcycles to drive between cars in traffic. It's freaky and I don't know how more motorcycle accidents don't occur.

3. Fundamentalists
Yeah. Unquestioned conviction in bigoted and intolerant beliefs. 'Nuff said. Shouldn't 'nuff really be written 'nough?

4. Squid
Tentacles and...those long tentacles (are they called something different?). And their eyes? Creeeepy... Did you know that they move via a jet propulsion system? That (along with having a built-in writing implement) is their only redeeming quality. And nothing smells worse than dried squid. Trust me. *gag, vomit*

5. Octopuses
Again with the tentacles. There are too many arms to keep track of! Plus, they have suction cups on them. And they have a bulbous gelatinous head with creepy eyes. Plus, they're smart and may have both short and long term memory. That's what makes them uber creepy.

6. Jellyfish
More tentacles. Maybe I should just group all these under a fear of tentacles? They're hard to see. They're gelatinous. They're poisonous. They eat and poop out of the same orifice. Man o' creepy are they? Ugh. Then again, I think Man o' Wars aren't technically jellyfish...

7. The oceanic world in general
It's so incredibly foreign to me. It's so incredibly unexplored by mankind. It's so incredibly dark and deep. And it's inhabited by the above creepo-suave creatures (well, not guns, motorcycles, or fundamentalists) plus other scary things like sharks. And other things that look really prehistoric.

What scares the bejeezus out of YOU? Post a comment and let me know!


On a different note...

My grandma (who has bad alzheimers and lives in an assisted living facility) fell down last night and broke her hip. She has to have surgery today. It's funny (as in odd, not haha) how "young" people can fall down and have no problems whatsoever, but when old people fall down it's like guaranteed to break them somehow.

Aging is weird, when you think about it. It's like your cells are just falling apart and failing. It reminds me of one of the problems with cloning. If you clone a sheep and the DNA was taken from a 3 year old sheep, then the new sheep will, in effect, be 3 years old at conception. So cloned...things...have a shorter lifespan than the original. Unless they're mechanical clones like androids, cyborgs, or cylons or something. Then all bets are off.


At 8/16/2007 8:08 PM, Blogger Candy said...

Your top three things freak me out, too. I've never shot a real gun, but I have a feeling that it'd really scare the crap out of me. I wouldn't want to have a gun in my house either. I think just having a gun would make me feel less safe. I suppose it doesn't bother me that my grandpa has all his hunting rifles in a case at his house, but yeah...I don't want to be near handguns.

I hate it when motorcyclists don't wear helmets. It makes me so nervous to drive near them. I also sometimes hate to drive near huge semis. Oh, and I hate passing when I'm in a car...and merging into other lanes of traffic...okay, maybe I'm just freaked out by driving and cars in general. Sometimes, I think I'm basically zipping along in a little death can...

And fundamentalists...yeah, 'nuff said.

I'm not with you on being freaked out about the marine life, though.

At 8/18/2007 1:24 AM, Anonymous joleen said...

Isn't the plural of octopus octopi?


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