Thursday, November 22, 2007

Damn, that's a big dam!

Day 7 (Scroll down a bit to read days 4, 5, and 6...also recently posted)
Today we left Vegas and headed for Sun City West, AZ to visit my grandma. We made a pit stop at Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Joleen was REALLY pissed off today as she thought our progress was much too slow. Let's just say she really didn't want to stop at the Hoover Dam. Too bad for her.

Here's a picture of Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the US. Wow. Great.

We passed through the NV/AZ border en route to the Hoover Dam. There was a big security check know, so people don't bring in explosives to blow up the dam or something. I personally feel that they should be concentrating more of their efforts on ensuring that Megatron remains frozen and that the rest of the Decepticons don't gain access to the dam, but hey. What do I know? Anyway, being as we were hauling a trailer we had to pull over. We had to open up the U-Haul for them to inspect. Which was a huge joke. First of all, we couldn't get the damn thing opened because all the contents had shifted back against the door. After we finally managed to open it, the guy just kind of looks at it. I mean, this U-Haul to packed full of crap. In order to actually inspect it, you'd need to take everything out. As if we'd do that. Hey, if he wants to take it all out and put in back, go ahead. Anyway, so it was totally pointless and a waste of time.

Here's the Arizona sign at the dam:

I really wanted to stop at the Hoover Dam simply because of the history. It's like the quintessential Depression-era WPA project. Hey, everyone is out of a job! Let's have them build a giant dam! Here are more Hoover Dam pictures:

Here's a picture of all the electrical lines leading out of the dam and to towns and stuff. It provides A LOT of power.

Then we arrived in Sun City West and hung out with my grandma until the next morn.


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