Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kick Him In the Nards!
Wolfmen don't have nards!
Whoa! Wolfman
does have nards!

My parents are gone this week in Florida because Brian is participating in the Ironman Triathlon this weekend in Panama City, FL. Sunny is in Chicago, so it was up to only Joleen and I to pass out the candy to all the kiddies who came to our door tonight. We ran out of candy twice. After we ran out the first time, I made a quick run to the grocery store and bought a couple more bags (for the record, our candy choices were Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, KitKats, Rolos, and Snickers). Then we ran out again just past 8 o'clock. Instead of buying more candy (or passing out canned goods and bread), we turned out our lights to signal we were done for the night. Then we watched Hallloween II and Monster Squad.

We dressed Wicket up in a doggy wedding dress. It was too big for her. She hated it. We put it on her and she refused to move. It was adorable and hilarious. Later on we just attached the veil to her harness so she still had on a costume but also was able to walk around. She barked every time someone came to our door. It was kind of annoying.

We're going to Madison tomorrow because I have to take some sort of city/typing/general knowledge "you're not a complete idiot" test as part of the next phase for a job I applied for (at the Madison public library). Not sure how long we'll be there, but probably not long.

Joleen and Sunny have bought their plane tickets to Australia. They leave here on November 9th. How's this for odd: So, if they bought plane tickets from Minneapolis straight to Sydney, then the tickets would've been about $1400/each. But if they bought tickets from Minneapolis to Hawaii, then tickets from Hawaii to Sydney, it only costs about $700/each. So it's half the price for them to stay in Hawaii and vacation for 3-4 days mid-travel. Awesome. So they're doing that (not to go into logistical details, but the latter option is cheaper because it enables them to fly into Sydney from Hawaii on an Australian discount airline ala JetBlue).

Uhhh, so yeah. They'll be gone in a little over a week. After that, I anticipate actually moving into my apartment that I've been paying for.


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