Monday, September 17, 2007

Jack (Tom?) of All Trades
What a talented man *scoff*

There's this commercial that cracks me up whenever it comes on. I rarely watch commercials...usually my attention is drawn elsewhere and only something (auditorially) interesting grabs my attention. This always grabs my attention:

"I'm Tom Cruise, inventor of the Hoveround."


My head whips up to glance at the TV and I see that it's not, in fact, Tom Cruise, but Tom Kruse. Hahaha!!! Then the commercial does its thing and tells you all about the Hoveround and how it's great for old people and such. I just love thinking about 1) Tom Cruise actually inventing the Hoveround. Then he can have infomercials and stuff ala George Foreman and his grill. And 2) Thinking about this guy whose name is Tom Kruse. I wonder if he likes it? I personally think it'd be annoying as hell. Then again, he sells things and his name always gets me looking at the TV. So maybe it's a good thing.

I love how the "motto" or whatever of the Hoveround company is, "You Make Me Love You!" And then a bunch of old people sing it all warbly-like in the commercial. They're frail and can't walk or sustain a musical note. We get it.

Here's a picture of Tom Kruse:

Here's a picture of the Hoveround in action. Look, you can even fill a bird feeder while in the Hoveround! Amazing!!!

Check out how happy this lady is with her new Hoveround. I must get one myself...


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