Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Road Trip
And I'm off, yet again.

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow with my parents to drive out to Joleen and Sunny's and help them move their crap from CA back to MN before they'll ultimately leave for Australia. It'll end up being about an eleven day road trip. I am simultaneously looking forward to it and not looking forward to it.

We leave tomorrow morning at 4am. Yes, 4am. My dad wants to get "an early start." Ok, Shooter. So long as you realize that you'll be the one driving and I'll be the one napping in back. We're taking I-90 through South Dakota and Wyoming and at some point dropping down to I-80. Not sure if we'll take I-90 to Billings, MT and then go down through Idaho and Utah to get to I-80 or if we'll go down to I-80 in Wyoming. The latter choice is quicker, but we think possibly less interesting/scenic. So we'll see.

Then we'll get to Yountville where we'll pack up a U-Haul of what remains of Joleen and Sunny's stuff. From there we're heading to Las Vegas, then down to Phoenix (to see my grandma and possibly pack some of her stuff in the U-Haul since she's temporarily moving in with my parents this November) . From Phoenix we're going to Arches National Park (in Utah...and also possibly Zion National Park. I can't recall). Then we're going to Denver, CO. From there we're booking it back home (through Nebraska and

So that's that.

We'll get home on Sunday, Oct. 7th. We get the U-Haul through Monday, so on Monday we're packing my stuff in the U-Haul and bringing it down to my Madison apartment. Which means that not only did I have to pack for the road trip, but I also had to get all my other stuff packed that I want to move to Madison right after we get back. Ugh. Not fun.

I was all prepared to be living in Madison in October (after all, my lease starts Oct. 1 and I'm paying rent). But since my sister and Sunny will be here for most of October before leaving the country for who knows how long, I'll probably be spending a lot of time in Rochester with them. I don't think I'll ever start my actual life. Which, you know, would be fine except for the whole needing to earn money thing. Jobs. Bah.

The new tv season is starting up. It snuck up on me. I had no idea that all the shows were starting. I missed the first episode of Survivor because I had no clue it started last week. Liz asked me the next day if I had watched it. Huh?? No. Oops. But I caught it online, so no biggie. Grey's Anatomy starts tomorrow, so I have my vcr set to record. I was debating if I wanted to continue watching it this year. The end of last season got a bit too drama-filled and angsty for my liking. If it continues on this path I may be forced to stop watching it. Stargate Atlantis premieres on Friday, so I'll be recording that as well. So far, those are the only 3 shows I'm planning on watching. Not too bad. But I think I'm not going to get cable (to save money). So I may only be able to watch the first 2, as Stargate is on the SciFi channel which I wouldn't be able to get via antenna. I guess I'll just have to download that one.

Is there some show I'm forgetting about that I usually watch? Any ideas? And if anyone tells me to watch Dancing With the Stars, I may be forced to hurt you.

I think that's it. I probably won't talk with you all for a week or two, revoir.


At 10/04/2007 11:21 AM, Blogger Candy said...

Where's your new Madison apartment? Don't forget to send your new address!

Hope your long road trip is going well! Oh, it seems there are so many things that could go wrong on those kinds of hauls. I'm remembering the time my parents went to see my sister in Georgia and my dad tore the bumper off the car. Ha...

I don't think I watch any of the same shows you do. Well, I suppose I don't watch much for shows, period. People always tell me I should watch Grey's Anatomy. I've gotten into watching The Office as of late. Yup.


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