Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Best of the Rest
Behind the Scenes at The Korean Dry Cleaners

Pre-Dinner Preparation
The first few stages of the bordelaise sauce preparation:

Making the Pasta
Look, he made the dough on the table. No bowl. If I did this, it'd turn into the biggest mess on the planet. As it was, he probably didn't even need to wipe anything up afterwards. Aside from the fact that he was kneading raw egg into the table.

Look! He's pinching the dough so fast that his hands are nothing but a blur!

All the pretty maids lined up in neat rows.

Look! A video demo on how to roll and shape pasta! Learn how to make pasta from the Chef de Cuisine of The Korean Dry Cleaners! Free of charge to view!!!

The Pasta-Making Demo

Precision Knife-Work
Cutting some red peppers and black truffles.

Look! Another video! This one shows off Sunny's cutting skills. He's double-knife cutting some onions into what I call a paste. These are some hard-core knives...although he claims that they're not that sharp. Seriously, how can you cut that fast with one knife, nonetheless two?? I bet he was the "fastest knife in the kitchen" at The French Laundry (even faster than the Chef de Cuisine...which is the head chef).


Wounded in Action!
No, this Purple Heart does not go out to Sunny, but to Joleen. She cut herself on the blades of the food processor (her job was to prepare the bleu balls). She almost lost a hand, but I think we managed to stem the tide of blood just in time. Nothing a Scooby Doo band-aid didn't fix.

Hey, Joleen's doing something other than washing dishes! Here she is frying the bleu balls.

Making and rolling the cornet cones:

Lots of stuff going on on the stovetop. This was Sunny's biggest complaint. Our household's lack of sufficient numbers of pots and pans and burners. Hey man, we're not a restaurant. It's rare for more than 2 burners to be used at once around here.

The Patrons
Steve and Marolee. Nice attempt at crossing your legs, Dad.

We did our annual test of our smoke alarm during the preparation for the foie course. Evidence of foie gras remained lingering in our poorly ventilated kitchen for the next few courses. The French Laundry cookbook proved itself useful as I utilized it to fan the smoke away from the smoke alarm, thus ending the ear-shattering beeping noise.

Who needs silverware?? Not Steve!

Staff Meal
Joleen and I taking a break from service to enjoy our souffle. Yummy.

The staff lamb course classily displayed on fiesta plates.

The staff enjoying their meal at the conclusion of the service.

The Staff

Chef Sungho Jin

The General Manager and Porter, Joleen:

Chef and Captain:

The Chef and I:


At 10/19/2007 9:06 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

That was so cute. God, I want to marry a chef! :)

At 10/21/2007 2:21 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

That was one of your best entries ever - kudos!


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