Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Can Be A Winner...
At The Game Of LIFE!

Seriously, people. If given the choice between these two versions of the game of LIFE, which would you pick off the shelf? The one where the dorky family of 4 are having a mildly entertaining time, or the one with the 2 cool-looking 'adults' obviously having a crazy-good time? I think the choice is clear. Fyi, the dorky family of 4 box is from 1982...hence the mom's feathered hair and the excess number of collared shirts and sweaters. And a sweater vest.

As you can see from this next picture, we like to make our own societal rules when we play the game of LIFE. Joleen is the green car, I'm the blue car, and Sunny is the yellow car. Notice that Joleen is represented by a lesbian couple and Sunny and I are represented by gay men. It's hot being a gay man. Yeowsa! Also notice that we're all locked in a dead heat. I don't recall who won this particular game--we played many times. It's strangely addicting.

Then we played Payday. Anyone remember that game??


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