Thursday, November 22, 2007

Luck Be a Lady Tonight
Viva Las Vegas!

Day 6 (if you haven't read Day 4 or 5, scroll down...I posted that tonight as well)
So we took off from Random Town, CA and headed to Las Vegas, NV. This is the view Joleen, Sunny, and I had for the rest of the trip:

Ok, so the scenery changed, but the truck stayed the same. We stared at the back of this U-Haul for far too long. Joleen and I started having conversations such as:

"So, I'm going to be moving soon. Do you know where I can go that might have a discount, like 50% or something?"

"I don't know. When do you need it by?"

"Well, preferably I'd like a place where I could call and reserve now, but is that even possible?"

"I don't know. Hmmm. I wonder which place could fit your needs. Have you thought about what kind of loading deck you'd need?"

"Yeah, it needs to be a really low deck that's super easy to load."


It took Sunny a while to catch on. At one point, we were driving behind another U-Haul as well. This time, with different informational facts ("Hey, I need a moving place that provides boxes...").

Here's a funny road sign I saw. How'd you like to live on this road? How the hell do you pronounce it, anyway? Zizzicks?

Wicket, enjoying the ride:

We arrived in Las Vegas where we spent one night. Here's the sign heralding in you can see, this Nevada sign is a bit glitzier than the previous Nevada sign (Utah/Nevada border). I like the Carl's Jr. sign as well. What's up with Carl's Jr.'s anyway? Are they exactly the same as Hardee's? Do they just have different names? Does any state have both Hardee's and Carl's Jr.s? Is it like the story behind Fleet Farm and Farm and Fleet? You know, sibling split? Whatev.

We didn't stay at a hotel on the Strip as we needed a place that allowed dogs. So we stayed at a Super 8 a couple of blocks away. We ate dinner in one of the casino buffets. It was really good. I can't recall which casino it was, however. Hmmm. That's going to bother me. At the end of the meal, we all went up and grabbed about 5 different desserts so our table was completely laden with desserts. We just sampled little bites of each, but all together we pretty much finished them off. It was hilarious. I wish we had taken a picture. I ate something that did not agree with me, making me feel horrible. Too much sushi? Dairy? I don't know. We walked along the strip a bit and watched the Fountains of Bellagio 'perform' to Viva Las Vegas. I prefer the fountains going off to classical stuff instead of the pop stuff.

Then I had to rush home because I thought I was going to die. Need bathroom...need to lay down...

So I ran off alone and was later joined by my mom. My dad, Joleen, and Sunny stopped off at some place to play blackjack.

I hate gambling. It is not fun to me at all. I just feel like I'm throwing money away. I get that you kind of need to have the mindset, "I'm paying to have fun," but that doesn't work for me. Because I can't have fun when I feel like I'm just flushing money down the toilet.

Oh well. Here's a pic of us in front of some statue near Caesar's Palace:


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we ate at the bellagio buffet


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