Saturday, October 25, 2008

Revving Up Your Engine...
Highway to the Danger Zone!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I was watching the news last night and they showed a clip of John Mccain at one of his recent rallies. I have no idea what they were specifically talking about, but I laughed to myself because the music that was playing in the background at his rally was "Highway to the Danger Zone." Hahahahahaha!!!! I don't know if we're supposed to believe that voting for Obama would lead us on a highway to the danger zone, or if a vote for McCain would do that. I'm sure they chose it simply going on the whole "McCain is a Maverick" theme, but even that's funny. I wonder if Kenny Loggins minds McCain using his music. I know McCain has been having some problems with artists telling him to stop playing their music at his rallies. Requests he's routinely ignored.

I took Wicket to PetSmart today. She does NOT enjoy that place. She's scared to death. She refused to walk in, so I had to carry her. It's like she thought it was the vet or something. I was going to see if any little Halloween costumes fit her, but they were all too big. There were a lot of dogs there walking around. I guess I don't blame her for being freaked out.

Hey, new old footage of Michele Bachmann turned up--now that she's made a national fool of herself, people are digging of all kinds of things. This is from a primary debate back in 2005, where she states that "not all cultures are equal." And I mean EXPLICITLY says that. She then tried to pussyfoot around saying "Not that muslims are bad," but she clearly views them as inferior to "western Europeans." Man. Where is the MN 6th district? Which cities does she represent? I need to check this out.

UGH! She represents Brian! I am going to assume Brian won't be voting for her. (Andover, Anoka, Woodbury, and Blaine are 4 of the cities she represents). Well, here she is in her own words:


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