Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Superbad vs. Knocked Up
And mapping the pervs

Sarah and I were discussing these two movies the other day. Well, I wouldn't really call it a discussion since I hadn't seen either of them. But we were talking about who we know who likes which movie better. [Holy bad sentence structure, Batman!] Jason (Sarah's brother) and Sunny both preferred Superbad. Stephanie and Joleen both preferred Knocked up. Which would lead me to believe that it's boys/girls thing, but Sarah preferred Superbad. Hmm. Anyway, I stuck both of those movies at the top pf my Netflix queue and they came in the mail today. I just finished watching Knocked Up. I enjoyed it thoroughly. After I finish watching Superbad, I'll let you know what I think. Candy, have you and Jake watched them both? If so, what do you guys think? How about you and Michael, Laura? I'm pretty sure you haven't seen them, Liz. Anyone else? Cast your vote!

Anyway, one scene in Knocked Up involved looking online to see if any registered sex offenders lived nearby. Out of curiosity, I looked up my address. Lo and behold, there is a registered sex offender (1st degree sexual assault of a child) living down the hall from me. Creepy. At least I personally don't have to worry. Being as I'm not a child and all. Anyway, what creeped me out even more was the sheer number of sex offenders living in the Madison area. There's a lot of sex offenders out there. Plus, I think there's a building very near me that is a "rehabilitation" center for sex offenders. Maybe not only sex offenders, possibly offenders of various sorts. The whole "search for sex offenders" website is kind of weird to me. It gives you their names, addresses, convictions, and includes a picture. Which I guess it helpful to the general populace (but how many people look this up, anyway?), but it's just weird to me.

Sarah and I went to a basketball game Monday night (Badgers v. Wofford). Whoever Wofford is. Sarah had a ticket from her dad and I bought one off some dude outside the Kohl Center for $5. Nice. It was a shitty seat, but we just sat in the student section together anyway, so it didn't really matter. Sarah was all pissed that they now have ushers checking tickets to enter the student section. So we had to be all subversive and snuck in a side quadrant of the section. I think it was near where we had season tickets one year. The game wasn't too exciting because Wofford sucks, apparently. One of their players fouled out like 1 minute into the 2nd half. That was fun. My car got stuck in my parking spot due to the snow/ice buildup and the shitty plowing job Madison does. Some nice student helped Sarah push the car as I accelerated. After a bit of work, we were free!!! Let's just say that I'm very happy with my decision to pay an extra $35/mo for underground parking at my apartment complex for the months of December, January, and February. But who am I kidding? There'll probably be crap-loads of snow all through March, as well.

Joleen and Sunny have been in Australia for a few weeks now. One thing that makes it a bit easier at Tetsuya's is that they have the same menu each night as compared to The French Laundry (TFL) where they had to devise a new menu every day. They're having problems finding an apartment to live in. Good thing Tetsuya's gave them a temporary living space. Anyway, for those of you interested, they did make a blog. So far they haven't posted much yet since they don't have internet (they need to go to an internet cafe or something), but here's the address: Jins Down Under

Hmm. I just discovered that using chopsticks to eat pizza rolls works really well. I can't believe I'm eating pizza rolls. It's your fault for putting them in my freezer, Joleen (which really confused me by the way...but that's a different story).


At 12/05/2007 11:11 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Would it change your opinion of the movie if you had to watch it with your parents....more specifically MY parents??

At 12/05/2007 11:50 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Hahaha!!! Yeah, I definitely would not want to watch it with your parents. Or mine.

It reminds me that Brian and Shannon watched 40 Year Old Virgin with my parents.

Some movies you just don't want to watch with your parents. Ever.

At 12/06/2007 3:49 AM, Anonymous joleen said...

i don' remember saying i preferred knocked up

At 12/07/2007 12:19 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Really? I thought you did. My (super)bad. So which DID you prefer?

At 12/07/2007 10:40 PM, Blogger laura said...

We have seen both movies; I slightly prefer Superbad because of Michael Cera, although Paul Rudd is pretty tasty in Knocked Up (the scene where they are high on shrooms kills me every time). I just asked Michael, and he said "maybe Superbad by a little bit." We are definitely decisive folk here, oh yes. Funny note: my dad bought Knocked Up, and when I went home for Thanksgiving, mentioned that it was hilarious, but "not for mixed company: adults and kids."

At 12/10/2007 6:37 AM, Blogger Candy said...

Jake and I follow your rule...I think I liked Knocked up better, while he likes Superbad.

I once went to the movies with my parents to see the Weather Man (with Nicolas Cage). I sat right between my parents. There's a lot in that movie about camel toe. Not a good parents/kids movie either.


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