Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fighting For Your Rights
In the ol' red, white, and blue!

Mr. Moth is back. He's late tonight--11:45.

I read a news article today about Lynda Carter finding a body in the Potomac river. Which brought back memories of watching Wonder Woman after school back in the day. [In case you don't know, Lynda Carter was Wonder Woman]

Then I was laughing thinking about her various weapons. She has indestructible bracelets that she uses to deflect bullets. Her tiara doubles as a sort of boomerang weapon. And my personal favorite is her Lasso of Truth. Yep. She has a lasso, that when wrapped around someone, it forces them to tell the truth. How odd. I also love that she has an invisible jet--but it's only the jet itself that's invisible, it doesn't turn HER invisible when she's inside it. So you'd see a chick in a weird get-up in a sitting position flying through the air. She's apparently an Amazon'd then think she'd have a bow and arrow as a weapon. But she doesn't. She also has both breasts.

It's really hot and humid right now. And I can't keep my sliding door open when it rains because something's wrong with the downspouts and rain ends up splashing inside my apartment. I really need to talk to my building manager about that. And the door is the only "window" I have in my apartment.

There was a tornado today in NW MN kinda nearish my cabin. Near a town called Emmaville.

Sarah got me watching Entourage. It's enjoyable. Especially when I get it free from the library. Libraries are totally awesome.

Fucking moth is really pissing me off.


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