Monday, June 23, 2008


I have an overwhelming urge to drink OJ. Unfortunately, I don't have any. I'm seriously considering driving to the grocery store to get some.


*still considering*

All things considered (ie the fact that I'm actually blogging about this), I've decided to make an OJ run.


I think it's my body attempting to prevent scurvy. Too bad I didn't buy it when I was at the grocery store earlier today buying fruit. Get this--I bought a thing of strawberries, a pound of grapes, a cantaloupe, and 5 pluots for a total of approx. $7.50. The "get this" part comes in at the part where I saved $6.50 because they were all on sale. No, I did not get everything for $1.00. I got everything for $7.50 when it should have cost $14.00. That's like...45% savings. Or something.

Ok, going to get my orange juice now...


At 6/24/2008 11:27 AM, Blogger Marolee said...

FYI - I was catching up reading your blog and posted something on your imaginary friend post...just in case you don't go back to read it.

At 6/25/2008 5:54 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

did it give you heartburn?


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