Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holy Gigantic Moon, Batman!!!
All the crazies must be out tonight!

Just a heads up to let people know that the (full) moon is supposed to look gigantically huge on the horizon when it rises today. Which is 9:12pm Madison-time. Just after 9:30 St. Paul-time. About 10 after 9 DC-time.

I remember this happening in high school one year. I was staying late at school working on yearbook stuff. When I left the school, the moon had started to rise and it was seriously freaky-huge. I made a joke about it being the end of the world, but inside I secretly wondered if maybe it was the end of the world and the moon was hurtling towards a collision with Earth.

So check it out. If you're into that kind of thing. Like me. 'Cause I'm a dork.

Does our moon have a name? I feel kinda bad just calling it "the moon." I mean, I know moons on other planets have Io and Titan. Why do I know their names but not the name of MY moon?? Huh. According to Wikipedia, "Unlike the moons of other planets, the moon of the Earth has no proper English name other than "the Moon" (capitalized)." So it doesn't have a name, but you're supposed to capitalize it. Interesting. Now I feel better about not knowing its name. Because it doesn't have one.

I ran out of Tim Tams. My morning coffee is just not the same.


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