Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometimes I Have No Faith in Humanity

I just read 4 extremely disturbing news stories centered in or near Rochester.

1) A guy stabbed and killed his wife and son, and tried to kill his 2 daughters. He was only prevented from killing the daughters because his son, whom he had stabbed in the neck, fought back and managed to stab him back.

2) Two white 25 year old guys were charged with killing a Somalian guy just because he was Somalian. They're calling it a bias crime, which I guess is the same thing as a hate crime?

3) In Rochester, someone shot and killed a dog when the family let it out to go to the bathroom.

4) The number of attacks against homeless/handicapped people is on the rise. People seriously beat the shit out of homeless people for fun.

WTF is wrong with people??? It makes me sick. Wtf would make a person do any of these things? People. Ugh.


At 11/14/2008 5:01 AM, Anonymous joleen said...

Is it wrong that out of all those stories, I find the one about the dog the most disturbing?
Also, do you remember our deaf/blind/paralysed guy scenario?
People are shit.
And why aren't you doing your homework?


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