Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's thunderstorming outside right now! Lots of lightning and thunder! And crap-loads of rain. Since I can hole myself up in my apartment, this makes me very happy. Hey! It just started hailing! I'm glad my car is in an underground garage.

I finally sent in my passport renewal stuff. I got another set of passport pictures taken today because the first pair I got a few weeks ago were terrible. Convict-like. I got them taken at the Union, and the lady told me I couldn't smile and show teeth. But when I went to Walgreen's today, I asked and they said that as of now it's OK to smile showing teeth. So that picture was infinitely better (although still pretty bad, imo). I thought it was weird when I was told I couldn't smile, because nowhere on the official government passport site does it say anything about that. Whatever. I included my first horrible set of passport pictures for you all to laugh at. I liked my old picture from when was 17. Huh. The picture doesn't look nearly so bad in digital form as it does in physical form. It must have color auto-corrected a bit when I scanned it.

I don't have anything exciting to say, but I thought I'd do another post since it's been a while. It's not my fault my life isn't exciting. (Whose fault is it then, you may ask? I don't know. Blame God. He's a good scape goat.)

Oh, Happy Birthday, Sarah!! Welcome to the World of 27! That's almost 30! Which is getting near-ish to 40! Man, you're OLD!


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