Saturday, April 18, 2009

We must destroy the Ring!!!
Oooops! We failed.

So, Joleen and Sunny are back, in case you didn't find out from me either telling you are by reading my Facebook status a bit ago. It was a surprising return, as they weren't expected until May.

Mom: Emily, you should really try to come home for Easter.
Me: I don't know. I'm really friggin' busy.
Mom: A package arrived from Joleen and she says you need to open it ASAP or it'll get ruined.
Me: Ok, whatever.
[Arrive at home]
Mom: Want to open your package? Here it is!
[I see a ginourmous box. WTF did they send me? I grab a pair of scissors]
Mom: You don't need scissors to open it!
Me: Umm, OK.
[Rip tape off box]
[Joleen pops out of box]
[I jump back 5 feet]
[Sunny appears from out of nowhere]

Yeah. I was a little annoyed that it was a decoy gift (I mean, I got my hopes up and all), but I guess this sufficed.

While in New Zealand, Joleen and Sunny climbed Mt. Doom. Which has a normal Enzed name, but I don't recall what it is. I guess it was pretty steep. Joleen kept telling Sunny that if they made it to the top, she was throwing his wedding ring into it. Hehe. Unfortunately, they're no Sam and Frodo and they failed in their quest. So look for Sauron and his minions to take over Earth soon. But anyway, they brought back a little piece of Mt. Doom for me. AWESOME! (Joleen, I left it at Mom and Dad's because Mom hid it under the family room table along with the chopsticks you gave me. Can you make sure they don't get lost?)

Mount Doom:

OK, so that's not exactly what it looked like when they climbed it. Here is the unaltered-by-me original photo:

And here's Joleen climbing up it:

Sauron's pull on the ring is strong. Watch out for Gollum!!


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