Friday, December 29, 2006

Ok, no time for much of a post as I'm leaving soon, but here is my next week for you (since I'm sure everyone wants to know what's going on with me week-to-week).

Tonight I'm leaving for the Twin Cities with my friend Erin and her family. Tomorrow morning we fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico (you were right, Brighton). On New Year's Eve we board a cruise ship through the Southern Caribbean! Sweet! It's a week long cruise and we go to Puerto Rico (obviously), St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, and Aruba. I'm really excited. But looking at the weather for the week at all those places, it looks like it's rainy the whole time. :( But at least it'll be in the 80s.

Speaking of warm and rainy weather, what's up with our weather?? It's freaking me out. It is NOT supposed to rain in December! I don't think it's snowed yet in December, but it has rained many times. Weird. I don't like it. Global warming. :(

Well, I have to go now.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'll write a bigger post later about both a)my Christmas and b)my upcoming cruise, but right now I just want to say that

I am the most pathetic cell phone owner EVER.


I just got my last month's statement/bill and guess how many of my minutes I used last month including voicemail? Now, with my plan I get 600 anytime minutes. Ok, have you all hazarded a guess? I used NINE minutes. 9. How sad is that?? And I thought it was pathetic last month when I used 28. Jeepers.

I'm both proud and saddened by this. Proud because I like being someone who is not attached to their phone. Saddened because I apparently don't have anyone with whom to talk. I mean, it's not like my friends all live near me. Granted, I have a landline, but I'd be deceiving you all if I claimed I spoke a lot on that phone line as well.

So yeah. I don't talk on the phone.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Okay, enough with Sarah. She's had enough of the limelight.

Well, what to say...

Last weekend I got together with my ex-roomies (aside from Candy and Laura who are kind of my ex-ex-roomies...but then again that implies they are currently my roomies...double negative and all...but you all know what I'm talking about). Anyway, it was a Christmas get together where we all exchanged gifts...aside from Sarah who had nothing to give anyone. Geez, Sarah. Nice friend. :D Just kidding, you know we all love you. Have you watched your Yanni dvd yet??

We went out to eat a lot. And went shopping on State Street. We also went iceskating at the SERF. Is iceskating one or two words? Or is it hyphenated? Ok, it's either two words or hyphenated. So, we went ice-skating on Saturday. I probably hadn't ice-skated in at least 10 years. I thought I'd make a fool of myself, but I was pleasantly surprised with my ability. I wasn't tearing up the rink, mind you, but I never fell. And could get going faster than 2 mph. I just had to pretend that I was rollerblading. HOLY CRAP! [Sorry, an aside here--I'm watching the Badger-Pitt game right now and I just saw an awesome alley-oop dunk by Tucker. Seriously awesome. End aside.] My feet killed in the skates, though. I felt like cutting my feet off after a few turns around the rink. Made me feel a bit like a pansy, but what can you do? In my defense, no one was comfortable in their skates, except from Sarah. Seriously, I polled everyone at the rink.

We went out one night to a few bars. Got a little tipsy. Hung out with Liz at one because we refused to dance. I hate dancing. Nothing makes me feel like a bigger idiot than dancing. Sorry I have no pictures of you, Liz. :( You're too camera-shy!

Everyone cheer for the Badgers! They're up 47-37 at the half! Alando's a monster on the court!!!