Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grad School
To be or not to be?

I don't recall if I ever mentioned this in my blog or not, but about a month ago I decided to apply to the Library and Information Sciences program at the UW. I just have no enthusiasm for teaching anymore (as if I've ever REALLY experienced it yet). The more I thought about it, the more library and information work seemed to appeal to me. I thought I had missed the application deadline--it made it seem like the deadline was in December. But then I noticed that that was the deadline if you wanted to be considered for scholarships and such.

I called the department to ask if it was too late to apply, and was told that they continue accepting applications until all spots have been filled. She informed me that they had just sent out 80 letters of acceptance...and they only accept 75-80 people/year (they only have fall admission). That didn't sound good, but she said that many people end up not accepting because they don't have a lot of money for scholarships and such. Which gave me some hope.

So I very hurriedly put together my application, taking a day to write all my essays and stuff. I sent everything in the next day and have been waiting for news since.

I went down to get my mail this afternoon and I got a letter from the grad school. It was in a normal sized envelope and not one of those big ones. I had a very bad sinking feeling that it did not contain good news. Don't they normally say that it's not good news to get a small letter? Anyway, I opened it and was very surprised to read that I WAS accepted!!!! Yay!!!!!

I honestly thought I was going to die when I saw the small letter and anticipated a rejection. I'm having a huge crisis right now in regards to what I want to be doing, and if I wasn't accepted I'd be at a total loss as to what to do next. I'd probably have had some sort of nervous and/or mental breakdown. I think I've already come close to having a nervous breakdown these past few weeks without even thinking I'd not been accepted.

So. Phew. Giant weight is now lifted off my chest. I know what I'll be doing for the next 2 years of my life, anyway. After that, I guess I'll have to find something else to delay going out into the real world. :)

Check Out My Mad Skillz!
I can make videos!

I learned how to make videos using...well, videos. In this case, home videos. A while ago my mom had burned all of our home videos onto DVDs. They were thematic. One included all of our Easter footage. Being as it's almost Easter, I decided to take this footage and make a "music video", if you will. Which actually makes watching the home videos much better, because up until 1993 or so, we had a really old video camera with no sound and crap quality. So at least now there's music to it (although still crap quality). Anyway, for those of you interested in watching, I am embedding it in this here blog. It runs just under 5 minutes, with the musical stylings of Simon and Garfunkle (Feelin' Groovy) and The Beatles (Here Comes the Sun). Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey, Victoria--I've Got a Secret For You
Quit giving away your merchandise

Apparently, Victoria's Secret thinks I'm in dire need of new underwear. I've received two coupons for a free pair of "cotton VS panties" in as many weeks. Sweet. I feel the need to take all I can from Victoria's Secret ever since I apparently paid one of my bills late even though I SWEAR they never sent me the bill in the first place. I had to pay a $15 late fee for a $15 bill. What a friggin' crock. Seeing as each pair of "panties" retails for $7.50, I think I'm now actually up a good $15-$22.50 on them. Suckas. I refuse to buy anything when I go in there. I walk in, head directly to the display containing the proper panties on my coupon, grab a pair in one of the included colors (nude, ivory, whisper pink, etc) and make a beeline for the register. I then spend the next 5 minutes convincing the cashier that no, I do not need a new bra. Then I leave with my free pair of panties all wrapped up in pink and white tissue paper and bagged in a nice pink and white striped bag. The Victoria's Secret at West Towne Mall has a dude working there. It's interesting. I wonder if he does bra fittings. He kind of reminds me of an older Danny Noriega (from the current season of American Idol).

I went to the Badger-Michigan St. basketball game with Sarah last Thursday. We won. Yay! Kirk Penney's dad was sitting directly behind us. How exciting!

Sarah told me the other day, "I read your blog last night. It was really boring." Who says that??? Geez. I guess it was because I'd already told her everything. Well, sor-ry! Even though I did talk about some stuff that I hadn't already discussed with her. Like the news articles. Sarah thinks the news is boring, I guess. I guess I need to try to be more entertaining from now on. To appease Sarah.