Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because No One Can Get Enough Of Me

I made a new blog. I will still post here, but that one has a different theme.

Here is the linky:

My New Blog

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Compliments of The Daily Show

Sarah, I already made you watch them both.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

You've GOT to be kidding me...

The first snow of the season may fall tonight. Arg.

I went to the grocery store the other day and bought 3 items. THREE. Check out the receipt I got:
Why in God's name would anyone need a receipt that's over a foot long when they buy a baguette, brie, and mascara?? Ri-dic-u-lous.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

And what's different about it?
Oh, you know. Mainly how gay it is.

In my continuing quest to avoid doing the work I need to be doing, here is a clip from a 2003 episode of The Daily Show in which Stephen Colbert (Senior Analyst) completely breaks character and can't stop laughing at the joke they're doing (about a charge that Prince Charles had a gay experience at one point, but due to strict libel and slander laws in the UK, the press can only mention things by innuendo, not outright allegations):

Revving Up Your Engine...
Highway to the Danger Zone!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I was watching the news last night and they showed a clip of John Mccain at one of his recent rallies. I have no idea what they were specifically talking about, but I laughed to myself because the music that was playing in the background at his rally was "Highway to the Danger Zone." Hahahahahaha!!!! I don't know if we're supposed to believe that voting for Obama would lead us on a highway to the danger zone, or if a vote for McCain would do that. I'm sure they chose it simply going on the whole "McCain is a Maverick" theme, but even that's funny. I wonder if Kenny Loggins minds McCain using his music. I know McCain has been having some problems with artists telling him to stop playing their music at his rallies. Requests he's routinely ignored.

I took Wicket to PetSmart today. She does NOT enjoy that place. She's scared to death. She refused to walk in, so I had to carry her. It's like she thought it was the vet or something. I was going to see if any little Halloween costumes fit her, but they were all too big. There were a lot of dogs there walking around. I guess I don't blame her for being freaked out.

Hey, new old footage of Michele Bachmann turned up--now that she's made a national fool of herself, people are digging of all kinds of things. This is from a primary debate back in 2005, where she states that "not all cultures are equal." And I mean EXPLICITLY says that. She then tried to pussyfoot around saying "Not that muslims are bad," but she clearly views them as inferior to "western Europeans." Man. Where is the MN 6th district? Which cities does she represent? I need to check this out.

UGH! She represents Brian! I am going to assume Brian won't be voting for her. (Andover, Anoka, Woodbury, and Blaine are 4 of the cities she represents). Well, here she is in her own words:

Video Round-up

Palin's close-up on the cover of Newsweek: In case you missed this "story," the issue is that Palin had a close-up on Newsweek and it was untouched. Therefore, it showed wrinkles and some facial hair. Here's a clip on Fox News where they discuss this. There are so many things that disgust me about the conversation they have. Anyway, if you want to watch it, here it is:

Then there's Michele Bachmann, a (batshit crazy) conservative representative from MN who's up for re-election. Then she went on Hardball and made a total ass of herself by promoting a resurgence of McCarthyism. Huge fallout from this...her opponent (Elwyn Tinklenberg...unfortunate name) received a million dollars in donations in like 3 days after this aired. Hahaha!!! I mean, can anyone claim in all seriousness that Obama is anti-America?? Really? I accept disagreeing with his policies and thinking that the policies will be bad for America, but to actually believe that Obama himself is anti-America?? Come on. Here Bachmann is, touting her crazy:

Palin was on SNL the other week. On Weekend Update they did a rap. It was supposed to be rapped by Palin, but she decided it'd be bad for her campaign (all part of the skit), so a very preggers Amy Poehler stepped up and rapped it for her. It is seriously hilarious. I luvs.

Ok, I that's it for now. I must get back to my school work that I'm procrastinating on.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I hate doing laundry.

Obama was originally planning on coming to Madison this past Thursday for a rally or whatever. But he had to cancel to fly to Hawaii to be with his ailing grandma. :( Then again, although I never found out what time he was supposed to be here, I probably wouldn't have been able to go because of work and class. Yeah. That's it.

I clicked on this link on Yahoo! to see a slideshow of "Stars Supporting Their Candidates." 38 pictures. The first 30 were all Obama supporters. The next 6 were old Hillary + celebrity photos. The next one was John Edwards and Mellencamp. The last one was Chuck Norris and his wife supporting Huckabee. Chuck Norris was dressed exactly like Paul Bunyan, fyi. Chuck the Lumberjack. I give Palin and McCain permission to use that one. Anyway, I thought it was funny (but not at all surprising) that 99% of the pictures were celebrities supporting democrats. And not a single one for McCain. Although I did just finish reading a story about Elisabeth Hasselbeck wearing a "great AmeriCAIN" t-shirt on The View. Hasselbeck. Man, she's annoying.

Brokaw was on The Daily Show. I'm in love with Jon Stewart with a fiery passion. Brokaw was pretty funny, too.

I need to go get my laundry now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't feel like writing anything today, but I will leave you with this picture of cuteness:

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Office
Is funny.

Apparently, when you watch The Office online, it's sponsored by a black hole. Or a room completely devoid of light. Every time it goes to a "commercial," it just shows blackness for 30 seconds. Which I think I actually prefer to commercials. Especially when you're watching shows online, since in that case they play the SAME commercial every time. If that doesn't make you hate the product, I don't know what would. Other getting cancer from it. Or spending a lot of money on it and then finding out it doesn't work.

Joe the mutha-f*in Plumber
Who is actually Samuel the Plumber

First of all, "Joe" is not even a plumber. He's one of two guys in a plumbing business, neither of which have a plumbing license or "apprenticeship." Nice. Stay away from my pipes. Second, the company he works for would not be affected by Obama's tax plan because it only makes $100,000-$150,000 a year.

Here's a quote from him: "You know, a lot of the stuff that our government is doing right now is all about taxation without representation, and, you know, the last time that happened a couple guys got together and threw the Brits out."

Clearly, Joe is stupid. How is he not represented? Is he somehow unable to vote? Ex-felon, perhaps? Is he a very old looking 17-year old? I don't think he understands what he's talking about. And as far as representation goes, I think businesses get plenty of representation in our government. And is he threatening a coup or revolution? Treason! Arrest him!!!

He apparently owes a bunch in back taxes. Which means he's actually getting representation without taxation. Hehe.

I have to say, I do kind of feel bad for him what with all the media scrutiny. It's McCain's fault.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My favorite election results map (1984). Hehe. Go Minnesota! Mondale being from MN has absolutely nothing to do with it. I'd like to see an all-blue map, though.

Round 3

1. I don't give a shit about Joe the Plumber. Quit bringing him up, or soon I'll actively hate him.

2. Seriously, how can McCain say with a straight face that Obama's campaign is more negative than his own?

3. McCain, you should THANK Obama for not agreeing to do a billion town hall debates. Because you SUCK at them.

4. Apparently, the McCain campaign is pulling out of Wisconsin. Which all but admits defeat here. ::cheers::

5. ACORN. As far as I've seen, it's not even that bad of a scandal. Ok, so they're paying people to go out and register voters, and because of this these people are filling in the forms themselves and making stuff up (to get more money). However, ACORN identifies which of these are probably false and tags them as "suspicious." They send all the registration forms in, even the obviously false ones that say Mickey Mouse, because it's the law. However, they probaly won't ever getting registered because the info wouldn't check out. But let's say some DO get through. Still not a big issue, because registering is not the same as voting. Even if some go through, an actual person would still have to show up at the polling place with ID saying that they are that fake person. Seriously. Not going to happen.

6. Yes, McCain. Tell me how Palin can POSSIBLY be a better choice for president than Biden... Role model for women??? Please. I'm ashamed she's a woman. Oh, sure. Bringing up special needs. By the way, before she had her own special needs child she was actually "against" special needs "issues." So she's been a champion of special needs for what? A year? Ha. McCain's argument against Biden is that he hasn't been PERFECT in his decisions regarding foreign policy issues (his specialty). Wow, how damning. He's not perfect.

7. Hey-Presidential debates don't have commercials. Awesome. That'd be funny if they did and they were all campaign ads. Except it'd actually suck.

8. He brought up Joe the fuckin' Plumber again. I liked Obama's response to McCain bringing him up-"Joe, if you're even out there..." Hehe.

9. McCain keeps bringing up "sharing the wealth" in a negative way. I like the concept of sharing the wealth. To an extent, of course. Like to Obama's extent, let's say.

10. McCain says he doesn't believe in litmus tests. You might say you don't believe in them, but give me a break. You wouldn't appoint someone to the Supreme Court if you didn't share their beliefs. Which is, for all intents and purposes, a litmus test. Just a less obvious one. Kind of. Although Obama also says he doesn't believe in litmus tests, at least he's man enough to say he'd take their various views into account (among other things).

11. McCain: "We have to change the culture of America, to one of compassion." Fuck you, McCain. To conservatives, the word compassion directly equals pro-life. And that's it. Where's their compassion when it comes to poor people? Or homosexuals? Or any number of people, for that matter.

12. Recruit new teachers = As I'm running away.

13. Civil Rights issue of the 21st century? Dude, we're only 8 years in. Something much more huge will probably occur sometime in the next 92 years than not having school choice programs. Teach For America = I pity ANYONE in Teach For America. OMG. McCain pretty much just said that teacher certification isn't needed or a good thing. He has no idea wtf he's talking about. I wish I was recordin, because I HAD to have misheard that. Or else McCain can suck it hardcore for implying (pretty much) that teaching is easy and doesn't need the same training as other jobs.

14. Vouchers. Ugh. I hate how that word sounds. And it's educational meaning.

15. McCain just snorted while laughing at his own "joke." What a tool.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are You Registered To Vote?

How Palin speaks really bothers me. I think it sounds like a really bad Minnesotan accent, and wondered if Alaskans just speak like Minnesotans. Well, my archives professor told me that she got her accent from growing up in an enclave of Minnesotans in Alaska. I thought that was interesting.

I don't think you can go 5 feet on campus without being stopped by a person with a clipboard and a yellow shirt asking if you're registered to vote at your current address. It's interesting how hard they're pushing this "you need to register if you've moved" thing since it doesn't really matter in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one of the good states (along with Minnesota) that allows registration at the polls. Unless they feel that getting people to register early will make them more likely to actually vote when the day comes. "Well, I took the time to register, so I may as well vote." I guess it also would inform people of their new polling place. So they don't wake up on election day and think, "Crap. I don't know where I'm supposed to vote. I guess I just won't."

Some dude was walking down State St today holding Obama signs and yelling that Senator Kerry was going to be speaking on State St near the capitol in "half an hour...actually, right now!" I didn't go down and see what was up since I had school shit to do. It's weird I never heard about it except from random yelling man.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Remember pizza from Ed's? That shit was good.

I heard a Chris & Johnny (Storyhill) song on the radio today(!). That was weird.

I had my 6 month review at work. And I got a raise. I used to get paid $9/hr, now I get paid $9.25/hr. Which means I'll make an extra 50 cents/wk pre-taxes. I find that almost insulting. I mean, a 2.5 percent raise when you're making 50 grand a year isn't bad. But when it equals a friggin' quarter in an extremely part time job? What's the point, really?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stoopid Arguments
Are stoopid

Using Biology, Not Religion, to Argue Against Same-Sex Marriage

Seeing this article online, I was intrigued. What possible argument is this? Well, the answer is a stoopid one.

Basically, they're basing their argument on biology, not religion. Hmm. Go on. Well, biologically speaking, it takes a man and a woman have kids and thus create a family. Marriage encourages a long-term relationship between a man and a woman as a framework for caring for their children. Studies show (their studies show) that kids are more apt to be screwed up if they're not raised by a mommy and a daddy.

I almost don't even know where to start here. First, don't even try to pass this off as a biological argument. The only biological fact here is the "it takes a man and a woman to procreate" bit. Assuming we're talking about humans, that is. Well, OK. But everything after that (basically, their argument) is non-biological based. Starting with the idea that the purpose of marriage is to have kids and that you can't be a family without them. Bullshit.

So by their argument, a man and a woman who decide that they will not have kids should not be allowed to marry?

And the "kids needing two opposite-sex parents" argument is just way too muddled in other issues. Like divorce. And the death of a parent. Single moms (or dads) because their partner ran out on them. I mean, there are just too many situations that lead to one-parent/non-traditional families that to single out gay marriage as the one to prohibit because of this? Asinine.

It also includes this gem of a quote: “How can you be a bigot when you’re looking out for society as a whole?"

Yes. Good point. You got me there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I May Hate McCain/Palin
But at least I'm not a complete nut-job like some people, and I realize that the US won't plummet into a moral cesspool straight to hell if they win (for the most part)

Here's some video of the Minnesota town hall meeting thing I referenced just previously:

Watch the video

A small transcript:

Older Woman: "I have read about him. He's an Arab".

McCain: "No, ma'am. No, ma'am. He's a decent, family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about."

While he is "defending" Obama, the implication McCain is making there is that Arabs aren't decent family men. Huh.

Both people asking questions in that clip must be certified morons. I'm afraid to bring a child into this world when people like them exist en masse. Which means it's a good thing I never intend to have kids. I don't think stupid people will ever go away.

In other news:

::laughs uncontrollably:: Seriously. Is this really necessary?? ::dies of laughter::

I'm Crying Tears Made of OMG
And wiping them from my face with a tissue made of WTF

This hot off the press: McCain booed after trying to calm anti-Obama crowd. I'm ashamed to see it happened in Minnesota.

McCain was booed by his own supporters Friday when, in an abrupt switch from raising questions about Barack Obama's character, he described the Democrat as a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States."

A sense of grievance spilling into rage has gripped some GOP events this week as McCain supporters see his presidential campaign lag against Obama. Some in the audience are making it personal, against the Democrat. Shouts of "traitor," "terrorist," "treason," "liar," and even "off with his head" have rung from the crowd at McCain and Sarah Palin rallies, and gone unchallenged by them.

McCain changed his tone Friday when supporters at a town hall pressed him to be rougher on Obama. A voter said, "The people here in Minnesota want to see a real fight." Another said Obama would lead the U.S. into socialism. Another said he did not want his unborn child raised in a country led by Obama.

"If you want a fight, we will fight," McCain said. "But we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments." When people booed, he cut them off.

Ok, you have to click on the link and read the whole article, because I don't want to paste the entire article here...even though it's all worth quoting. And then killing yourself over. Je-sus Christ. I have to respect McCain for at least trying to quell the crazy-fuckin' hatred that's being spewed. At least today...he hasn't done much in the recent past to do so. And Palin? She's pretty much encouraging people to get out their pitchforks, warm their tar, and pluck their chickens.

Also off the press, Alaska panel finds Palin abused power in firing. "Sarah Palin unlawfully abused her power as governor by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper...A bipartisan panel...found Palin in violation of a state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain."

Off with her head!!!

How about this article: NY election mix-up: 'Osama' on the ballot. "Who is running for president? In an upstate New York county, hundreds of voters have been sent absentee ballots in which they could vote for 'Barack Osama.'"

Seriously. How? How??? Does no one proofread anything anymore???

On the positive news front, Court makes Conn. 3rd state to allow gay marriage.

That was the one bit of news that prevented me from repeatedly slamming my head against the wall. That, and the news about the shark that had a virgin birth. Jesus returned as a hammerhead shark!!! And was promptly eaten by other sharks!!!! This time he died for the sins of sharks. Now sharks can go marauding and kill humans without the fear of going to hell. As long as they believe that Jesus died for them. Sharks are creepy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Earmark This
You know what I want money for? 7 million dollars for an overhead projector that will show bear DNA paternity results.

Words cannot express how much I love the Colbert Report intro. It's so funny to me, mainly because it's supposed to be a satire of news program intros, but news programs have gotten so over-the-top that it ceases to be satire and just looks normal. The only thing they'd have to change to use it "for real" would be to take out the "multi-grain" text. And insert a new show title. My ultimate favorite part is the screeching eagle at the end. ::loves::

Remember how I sounded off a few posts ago about McCain's obsession with earmark spending, specifically the bear DNA example he couldn't stop talking about? Well, he was equally obsessed about earmarks at the Tuesday debate. This time, he kept referring to Obama earmarking 3 million dollars (or however much it was) for "an overhead projector." Whoa! 3 million for an overhead projector!!! That's insane!!! Obama has to die!!!! Anyway, McCain is really pissing me off by giving earmark examples that just sound incredibly wasteful when you give an extremely simplifed and dumbified sentence about it...but if you actually look into what it really was, it's not that bad.

Take this "overhead projector" thing. When I hear 'overhead projector', I think of those little boxes attached to the ceiling in class that shine the professor's Powerpoint presentation onto a giant screen for all us students to copy down. You know, the ones that always seem to be malfunctioning at the beginning of class until the professor finally realizes that something just isn't plugged in.

In that case, yes. 3 million dollars would seem like the government's buying a 5 million dollar toilet seat. The thing is, it wasn't a fucking overhead projector. It was...one of those things in planetariums that...makes the planetarium work. I will call it the "star-shiner." Now this I can imagine costing 3 million dollars. And it's educational. And doesn't seem like a good example at all of wasteful spending. Read for yourself.

So shut up, McCain. I also appreciate Obama's criticism of McCain's earmark obesession, pointing out that the amount of spending wasted on earmarks is really not that much in the grand scheme of things. Yet as far as I can tell, McCain's whole platform rests on 1) I'll get rid of earmarks, 2) I'm a maverick and will do all kinds of unpopular things, and 3) Change (ripped off wholesale from the Obama campaign).

It's funny how many weird things I missed about the debate even though I watched it (except the first 20 minutes). I didn't even notice when McCain called Obama "that one." While noticing that McCain looked awkward walking around, I didn't notice the extend of his meandering and how he kept getting in background shots and crossing closeup in front of the camera. Hahaha!!! So thanks to both The Daily Show and the SNL special Thursday edition for pointing that out to me (the wandering thing...I found out about the "that one" thing from 8 billion other sources).

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Emerging Technology
From Scroll to Book

People forget that the book is actually a technology. Here's a video I find very funny--The Medieval Help Desk. It's hard going from scroll to book!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Town Hall
Can kiss my ass

Apparently, McCain does best in this "town hall" format for debates. I find that he comes off as a bit of an asshole. He keeps interrupting Obama to interject stupid "jokes" and other comments. It makes me want to punch him in the face. I like how Obama basically ignores him when he does that.

And debates are pretty much 1.5 hour long political ads.

"He did this."

"He voted for this this many times."

"He's lying."

"I didn't do that, but he did this."

Yadda yadda yadda.

And for the record, yes, I am very disappointed that Palin didn't break down and cry in her debate with Biden. I still hate her.

I like McCain's tie. Brokaw has small eyes. That dude's wearing a pink shirt. I hate the name Putin. I think everyone should refer to him as Vladimir. Actually, I think I'll call him Vladimir Vladimirovich (that's his middle name). Does that room normally have red carpet and blue walls or was it redecorated just for the debate? Wasteful spending!!! Hey! Pink shirt dude is asking a question! I hate that Obama/McCain thank the people for asking the questions--"You know, that's a really great question and I'm glad you asked it." BLAH. KILL ME. If they go over their time limit they should get an electric shock. I HATE self-righteous talk that implies the USA engages in "conflicts" and whatnot in the name of spreading "freedom." Give me a goddamned break. We all know that's never the primary reason. I think Wicket's trying to dig a hole in my futon. Content aside, I enjoy listening to Obama much more than McCain. It bother me that the banner across the bottom of the TV screen says, "Presidential DEBATES." Is the all caps necessary, I ask? Quit yelling at me, man. That's NBC. Doing a quick scan of the other channels:
NBC: Presidential DEBATES (with a small vertical-running THE in front)
PBS: No banner ::cheers::
WB: An episode of Friends with Ben Stiller.

Hey, there's Cindy McCain. She's wearing blue while John's wearing a red tie. Michelle's wearing red and Barack's wearing a blue tie. Hehe. Some dude's taking pictures with a disposable camera. Actually, everyone is. They must not have allowed cameras, but sold disposable ones inside at a kiosk or something. Had to pay for the carpet and paint somehow! Oh wait! I see a person with a digital camera. Intriguing...

ETA: Who the fuck is Pickens and wtf is his plan?? Ok, nevermind. I just wikipediaed it.

OMG. NBC is now fact-checking the debate, which in itself is fine...but they're calling the segment the "Truth Squad." Hahahahaha!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Little Help Here
Where's the Info Lab in College Lib?

Where the hell is the computer lab in College Library? Because, in my mind's eye, all I can see are huge study rooms and bookshelves. Seriously. Is it in a separate room that you can't see from the main "hallway?"

Tipped off from Candy, here's a nice interview juxtaposing Palin with Biden. And giving yet another example of how idiotic Palin is:

1. Her filibustering around the question about which Supreme Court cases she disagrees with.
2. She calls herself a Federalist because she believes that states should have more rights. Umm, that's just wrong historically.

I'm SO excited for the debate tomorrow. I hope Palin doesn't disappoint and remains as stupid as ever. I'll have to tape it, though. I won't get home from class until 45 minutes in.

I was watching the McCain-Obama debate today (I've still only seen half), and aside from being super annoyed at the number of times both candidates compare "Wall Street" to "Main Street," I was really distracted by McCain talking about earmarks and pork barrel stuff. Namely, when he mentioned $3 million to study bear DNA in Montana. It seemed so bizarre (especially since he made some sort of comment about paternity suits) that I had to look it up. Turns out, this is true (not the paternity aspect). But it's to study the grizzly population in a part of Montana that includes Glacier Nat'l Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Grizzlies are a threatened species, and under the Federal Endangered Species Act, the gov't is supposed to identify and conserve threatened species--such as the grizzly. This project involved doing DNA testing on grizzly fur snagged on barbed wire to determine their numbers, since they inhabit a heavily forested area that makes is nearly impossible to count their numbers. So it's really not a good example of pointless pork-barrel spending. Besides the fact the McCain actually voted FOR the bill that this was included in. Whatev.

I also learned that Jim Lehrer has beady shark eyes and that I don't have a good handle on the difference between "strategy" and "tactics," even if both McCain and Obama do.

The News
Time? Newsweek? NY Times? USA Today? Local friggin' newspaper??? Yahoo News????

I seriously can't get over Palin. I'm sorry, but I just can't. Here's the latest doozy of an answer given to Katie Couric. And it's seriously not even a hard question. At all. One that any mildly aware person could easily LIE about, if needed. Keep in mind that Palin was a journalist major and STILL couldn't answer this. And check out Couric's face at about 35 seconds. Hahahaha!!!