Friday, December 07, 2007

Miss Peruvian Artifact Crowned
And the archaeological community goes wild!

I always love it when this happens: I glance at the top headlines on the yahoo! page (or google, or whatever) and I mix up a few of the headlines. This always results in me pulling an exaggerated "Huh??" face, then figuring out my error and laughing about it to myself. Anyway, today's headline mix-up involved:

Miss California forced to give up crown after pageant mix-up

Malls' safety questioned after Omaha shooting

Missing Peruvian artifacts found after worldwide search

Judge denies appeal in Natalee Holloway case

The Miss California headline fresh in my head, I was sure that the 3rd headline said, "Miss Peruvian Artifacts found after worldwide search." Well, that's...odd. And specific. And nice of the Peruvian people to open up the competition to candidates living worldwide, and not just in Peru. But then I realized that I was missing the 'ing' in 'missing' and the world was set right once again.

I also have the Onion news feed on my google homepage. Every once in a while, I'll glance down and see one of those headlines and momentarily think it's a "normal" headline. That's always fun, too. ("US Breath Reaches All-Time Worst"...hmm, interesting headline...). Huh. I just noticed that The Onion capitalizes all the words in their headlines. Isn't that incorrect newspaper format? (Yes, I realize it's not a real newspaper)

Ok, I just saw a list of the Top Web Searches of 2007 for various groups/topics. I got a big kick out of the top 10 searches on Yahoo! Kids:

1. Games
2. Animals
3. Dinosaurs
4. Math
5. Hannah Montana
6. Solar System
7. George Washington
8. Halloween
9. Sally Ride
10. Global Warming

There's a nice mix of fun/expected results (Games, Hannah Montana, Halloween), obviously school project results (Solar System, George Washington, Sally Ride), and a few "Wow, I'm proud of you, kids!" results (Math and Global Warming). Not sure if I should stick the "Animals" and "Dinosaurs" in with the fun/expected or the school project category.

George Washington and Sally Ride...*snicker*

(Sorry, Sarah--I know this is the kind of post that you hate)


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