Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours
Post #3 in 24 hours...must be a record!

Kids aren't the only ones who ask Santa for Christmas gifts. Dogs have Christmas lists, too! Here's Wicket, telling Santa what she would like for Christmas. Obviously, she wants her mom and dad to come back from Australia, but aside from that I hear she wants her two front teeth. Which is actually a very apropos wish coming from Wicket since the vet pulled out her front teeth back when she was a puppy. They thought they were pulling out the baby teeth. Oops! Sorry! We pulled out the adult teeth instead! Incompetents. But really, is this not the cutest thing ever? [And who knew the mall had "Bring Your Pet in For a Picture With Santa" day??]

Does anyone else miss the days when Santa dressed up in normal Santa clothes instead of going all casual on us? I've always found the casual Santa to be a bit creepy. Put on the rest of your clothes, old man!!!

Here's a picture taken from out of my balcony doors--my gnome (Chomsky) isn't bothered by the snow and cold weather, so don't worry about him. I've included a day and night shot, so you can get the full effect.

How's this for scary?: Yesterday my grandpa went outside to salt his sidewalk. He slipped on some ice and fell down in the driveway, hitting his head and knocking himself unconscious. He reckons (did I just use that word??) he laid there unconscious in his driveway for at least a half an hour. Finally he came to and managed to get back in his house and called my mom who then took him to the ER. He had a big scrape on the back of his head and had signs of a concussion (vomiting and tiredness), but I guess he's going to be fine. Man, good thing he didn't break a leg or something. And good thing it wasn't like 30 below. It's surprising that none of his neighbors noticed him laying there. And scary.

On a more positive note, I just received news from Joleen that she and Sunny have signed a lease for an apartment in Sydney. Huzzah! I wonder how it compares to their temporary accommodations?


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