Monday, December 10, 2007

You Want Banana Pancake?
You want ping-pong show?

I made pancakes this morning. Then was saddened to find out that I had no chocolate chips (why this was a surprise to me, I have no idea). So they had to be normal pancakes and not awesome chocolate chip pancakes. I was impressed with how they turned out since I had to use a skillet on the stovetop instead of an electric griddle that I usually make them on. Although the first batch took considerably longer until I found out that I had turned on the wrong burner. :D I'm dumb.

Well, I watched Superbad. I think, in my opinion, the edge goes to Superbad. But it's a tough call. I liked the first half of Superbad a lot. And I liked the last part. But there was a part in the middle that was...I don't know. A bit too much for me. My feelings for Knocked Up were more even throughout the movie, but I thought that the funny parts in Superbad were more funny than the funny parts in Knocked Up. And like Sarah said, I had a really hard time believing that the main chick in Knocked Up would want to continue pursuing a relationship with the main guy even though she was having his baby. Whatever. I liked 'em both.

What the hell? There was totally something else I wanted to write about but I can't think of what it was. Annoying. I went to Target yesterday. That was hell. Mainly because the entire city of Madison was there at the same time.

Every time my neighbor leaves his apartment, he lets out a loud belch as he passes by my apartment. It's really beginning to piss me off. What is it? A conditioned response? Who belches every single time they leave their apartment? Plus, he's the guy who plays bass at 3am. So he's just annoying.

Long and boring thing that most people won't want to read, but Liz, if you could that'd be great because you're a computer goddess:

Ok, I have an internet connection/router question for those of you more understanding of such matters than I (you know, like Sarah). Hmmm, where to begin...Well, first off, let me say that I have a DSL connection. I also have a wireless router. So, I had my router all hooked up and connected and all was working fine. My computer was connected to the internet via my wireless router and everything was all secured/WPA protected, etc. Then, for reasons I won't go into because they're not important, I decided that I wanted to connect directly to my DSL line instead of going through my router (just a temporary decision). So I shut my laptop, thus entering it into standby mode. I then unplugged the DSL cable from the router, but kept the router plugged in and powered on. [Ok, now I just realized that there's an important piece of information that I can't remember...I don't recall if I then plugged the DSL cable into my computer or not...then again, I guess I MUST why wouldn't I have?] Ok, so I then turn my computer back on. As it's starting up, a little bubble pops up telling me that my wireless connection is still...connected. Which really confused me because how can I be connected to the intervet via the wireless router when the router itself isn't connected to the internet anymore? And it was MY network I was connected to (not a neighbors) because it said my network name and stated I'd been connected to it for the past however many hours.

Does this mean that: 1. Even if your router isn't connected to the internet you can still be connected to your wireless network as long as the router is still powered on? 2. My computer was connecting to the internet directly via the DSL cable, but was still wirelessly connected to my router? Which is stupid and pointless in my case since I don't have a "network" of computers...3. And if I did have more computers, would I be able to connect wirelessly to them through my router even if my router wasn't connected to the internet?

Does this make any sense? Am I totally idiotic?


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