Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Acts of Violence
This title has nothing to do with my post

So, the Brewers lost the game to which we went. Boo. The did, however, win the game before and after it. Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse. Miller Park is a really neat stadium. Beats the pants off the Metrodome. We tailgated prior to the game. We got there a bit late (seriously, how long does it take to get into a parking lot??) so we missed out on the first 2 innings (while we were grilling 'dogs). Of course, the only runs the Brewers got were in the first 2 innings. So it goes.

I was listening to the US Olympic Men's Volleyball coach talking to Bob Costas just now (the guy whose wife and mother and father-in-law got stabbed in Beijing). He sounded mostly American, but every once in a while a bit of an accent came through. I thought it sounded Kiwi because of the way he said his 'e's...senseless sounded like "seens-less." And he is from Enzed! Yay.

My apartment complex is undergoing a makeover. They just re-painted the hall walls (still the off-white color that looks bad in artificial lighting, Sarah). I almost passed out going up the stairs to my apartment the other day. The stairway area has zero ventilation as there's the door to the outside and another door to get to the main hallway area. And it's always very hot. In the summer, anyway. they painted that area and didn't prop open any doors to ventilate it. I was seriously only in that area for like 10 seconds, but I was actually fearing for the safety of my lungs. They were burning. Another 20 seconds, I probably would have passed out. I hope they had the doors open when they were painting, otherwise they must all be brain dead...

Now they're re-paving our parking lot, which is nice since it was pretty crappy. Which means none of us can park in the lot until Tuesday night. And street parking is very limited. Much jockeying for parking going on now.

Today I noticed a sign in our vestibule stating that the hallways will be re-carpeted sometime in the coming weeks. Nice.

I guilt-tripped Sarah into going to Chicago tomorrow for one day at the Stargate convention where we can listen to Michael Shanks. Sarah, you rock! (I'm very impressed with her since she actually actively hates Stargate). Maybe she'll be converted into a Stargate fan by the end of tomorrow. :)

I feel like there was other stuff I wanted to post. But I can't think of what. Huh. Oh well.

Here's a Family Guy clip that I thought was hilarious (I saw this episode the other day and found this clip online). I thought is was appropriate what with the presidential election hooplah. Enjoy. (Family Guy RULES)


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