Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to Bigfork!
Part 2 of 2

Here we are in Bigfork! Note: Sarah only has one leg.

Hangin' with Paul Bunyan.
No free ride at our cabin! You must work to earn your stay!

We played Scrabble. We're dorks. I didn't win this game, but I did kick ass on our last game. Which is misleading, since we wre actually helping each other out during that game:

"Don't put a word there! I have a really good one I want to put there!"


Sarah, hanging out on the dock.

Hanging out and enjoying the weather. Drinking wine out of a little plastic cup. I really don't enjoy wine. And how skilled am I, operating a jet ski backwards?? ;)

Sarah and Brighton, enjoying the jet ski. Brighton even got up on skis for the first time! Impressive for someone who has never even SEEN anyone waterski. She did very well!

We saw the sunrise in Tofte, and the sunset at Turtle Lake.

We went nightswimming (which is a great song by R.E.M., btw). We could see SO many stars at night. It was beautiful. Plus, it was the early stages of the Perseids, so I also saw a decent number of shooting stars. It was awesome to float on your back in the lake, looking up at the stars.


At 8/17/2008 6:31 AM, Blogger Candy said...

You have some great pictures. I love the one with you all sticking your heads out of the Bigfork cutouts, and the sky reflecting on the water in your sunset picture is awesome. I'm really jealous of all the fun outdoor activities you got to do together. Can we all have a college reunion in the wilderness somewhere next summer?

Oh...and my favorite Scrabble words on that board are quartet and fez. Way to use the q and the z!


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