Monday, February 11, 2008

Wtf is scurvy, anyway?

I got to the point where I had practically nothing to eat in my apartment. My grocery list included all the main staples, including bread, eggs, milk, butter, even sugar. So I had to go to the grocery store today. I spent way more than I usually do (probably having to do with the fact that I had to buy all those staples!). I keep wanting to buy Lactose instead of normal milk since, you know, I'm lactose intolerant. But Lactose is like 3 times more expensive than regular milk. Wtf? No thanks. I'm not allergic to milk...therefore I end up buying normal milk. It won't kill me. I've been craving citrus recently. I became concerned that I'd contract scurvy if I didn't get some vitamin C in me. Therefore, I bought a crate of clementines. Those are expensive! $8/crate. I think that's expensive, anyway. I was worried they'd taste like crap since, you know, it's winter and I'm buying them in WI, but so far so good.

It was supposed to snow this afternoon, but I don't think it's started yet. We're a few inches away from breaking Madison's all time winter snow record. I don't know how much snow that is, though. A lot.

I have all these activities that I want to do, but I want to do them while doing something else (scanning pictures, for instance). I think to myself, "I know! I'll watch one of my netflix movies while doing it!" Then I realize that all my current netflix movies have subtitles, thus disabling my ability to multi-task during them. Dammit.

That's it for today. Nothing exciting going on here (as per usual).


At 2/13/2008 2:49 PM, Blogger Candy said...

I think the clementines might actually be in season. I'm not sure, but I think I've heard that navel oranges grow in the winter months in Florida...

So, maybe your clementines came from Florida? Does the grocery store label them?


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