Saturday, May 03, 2008

What To Watch
You Decide!

Ok, these are my current TV options:

1. Golf. Some tournament or other. Wachovia? What a lame-ass tourney name. Some dude named Kim is in the lead. Korean?

2. Kentucky Derby pre-race coverage hosted by Billy Bush. Wtf? NBC has pre-race coverage on the Kentucky Derby???? Who the f cares about the Kentucky Derby? Other than people who own yachts and shit.

3. Tourist show on Milan and Rome, hosted by an annoying guy with a weird accent. American, but where in America, I have no idea. Currently: people stepping and spinning on a mosaic goat's testicles. I kid you not. No pun intended.

4. Infomercial on some exercise machine called Red.

5. Baseball game. Cubs v. Cardinals. I did watch an inning of this, during which the Cubs scored 6 runs. I think this is my favorite option, even though I don't care at all about either team.

6. Some show showing people in embarrassing and hurtful situations with an annoying narrator guy...I think it's called Maximum Exposure. To give you an idea of their intended audience, I just heard this: "From a bar in Moscow...Moscow is in Russia..." Hehe. Thanks. And Russia is in Africa, right??

There ends my non-cable TV channel options. What's your vote?


At 5/05/2008 8:08 AM, Blogger Candy said...

I think I'd vote for the Cubs game, although people in embarrassing and hurtful situations has potential. I went to a Cubs/Nats game with some friends a week or two ago. I didn't really watch the game, though. I was more focused on drinking beer and talking with people. It was like, "What inning is it?", "Oh, the game's over?" So, yeah, turn on the Cubs game and just drink...I'm guessing that at your house, you won't have to pay like $7 for a beer, either...good times!


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