Saturday, May 03, 2008


I went on a "nature hike" with Sarah this morning in the UW Arboretum. We saw a woodpecker, ducks, a goose, a bumblebee, a cardinal, and some other bird I called a goldfinch, but who the hell knows what it really was? They really need to work on their pathage, as we kept getting to random dead ends where our only option was to tramp through a marsh or wade across a river. We found a stick hut that I thought might be inhabited by a scary homeless guy and Sarah thought was built by an animal of some sort (clearly man-made upon further inspection). It was uninhabited (at the time), so we crawled in and enjoyed ourselves a stick-hut break for a while. Then we crossed the river via a fallen tree bridge. Everyone congratulate Sarah on her bravery for making it across. Hip-hip-hurray! It really took a lot out of her. Then it started to rain and we ran back to her apartment. Then I found a tick crawling on my sleeve. [Well, Sarah saw it and informed me that I had "something crawling on my arm"]

I swear to God I feel ticks crawling all over me now. Ew.

Then Sarah threw me out so she could go to a Norwegian Ridgeback Dog Show. Wait a minute...isn't that a breed of dragon?? [Presuming dragons are real] Yeah, that's what I thought. My bad. So she went to a Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Show. And I thought she hated dogs...

We also went to the Farmer's Market this morning. I got some jerky and a donut. And coffee. Magical Man was not in attendance.


At 5/03/2008 4:56 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Good writing, Emily. The Ridgebacks were awesome!! The dog show was all breeds, but, Doug, Stacy's friend, was going to look at a specific Ridgeback to purchase.


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